Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Things I have learned...

I feel old.  When I was younger I knew I didn't know everything but my attitude didn't show that.  The more I see and learn the more I realize how much I still have to learn.  I have spent the last year looking, reading, watching... doing all I could to try and figure out what I needed to do to make a real go of my passion: photography.

The more I learned the more I studied, it seemed like being genuine was the key.  Don't get me wrong, learning your stuff is important but even if I were the best photographer and could tell you in mathematic equations the geometry of light the second after I walked into a location but I'm not real... but trying to be whatever it is I think you want me to be?

I think the basis for any relationship is trust, maybe this is naive but I feel it is true.  Why would you ever take the time to choose me if you can't feel some connection, some truth... some life in me?  This is YOUR big day.  Your once in a life time moment of starting your new world with the love of your life... it is a big decision.

Maybe I'm just crazy... but who doesn't love a little crazy?  I love the truth of moment.  That is the basis of my art.

Be real.
Be natural.
Be you.

Live. Love. Loud. 

Monday, July 29, 2013

"Nesting" Cards

Packages are like Christmas to me.  Just like mail that isn't bills.  Even if it is a baby shower invitation...  But today's package is like Christma-kwan-nukkah!  I finally got the package of my newly designed, thanks to +Meredith Locklear  over at Jack + Molly Design, business cards in!

When I saw the package it became on of those moments you don't know whether you gingerly pull the tape back and delicately unfold the contents or if you let out your inner Jurassic and tear away everything as ferociously as possible.  I opted for the first, I was with company and thought drooling and showing teeth probably wasn't the best option.

I would like to say both a thanks and "where-you-trying-to-make-it-impossible" to the folks over at Moo Lux.  I finally got the outer box pulled back only to find more small boxes and then more small boxes... it was like the nesting dolls of business cards!

I am so delighted to, after un-"nesting" them, share with you my new business cards.

Thank you +Meredith Locklear for dealing with my crazy to allow me the joy of having such beautiful designs!

Live. Love. Loud.

A manicure was needed...

I sat hands firmly ensnared into the tangles of my hair.  "I can't!  I just can't," I shouted!  It was the second round of options from the dearly talented Meredith over at Jack + Molly Design.  She is amazing to work with and supremely talented.  She was able to take the long meandering ramblings of the crazy that is me and turn them into art.

I sat at my computer scared to open the email.  There it sat screaming to be clicked, with its bold black inked subject.  My hand hovered over the track pad.  I could hear my mind rolling out thoughts trying to command my hand to move but it was unwilling.  Finally the brain won out and I was blessed to see the handful of options Meredith had completed.  As I scrolled down and saw each beautiful design, two screamed for my attention and they wouldn't release.  I could see both logos in place, the palate of colors that would be used, the packaging... two directions for me to follow.

I am a juxtaposed person.  I can make decisions easily till they are important.  Picking where to eat, in an instant!  But when it comes to something life changing... I am done for.  My father always said, "Saying yes to one thing, means saying no to all the rest," the saying has always stuck with me.  It isn't the saying yes with which I have an issue, instead it is the no.

Those two designs, that I connected to from almost the first moment I saw them, sat in front of me for days.  So I set a deadline.  The last day to mull the decision came...nails were bitten, stomachs were queasy, hair was almost pulled out... it was a sight to be seen, ask my poor husband what my sad lump looked like on the couch those last moments of the day.  Ask poor Meredith about my sad indecisive state.  It was a sight to be seen for sure.

But now I have a beautiful logo and that is why I ramble today.  I want to share it with the world and say a huge... GIGANTIC thank you to Meredith over at Jack + Molly Designs for all her hard work, beautiful art but mostly for dealing with the sad sack that is me!

If you are in any need of Design work take my word for it  or don't and take a look for yourself of their portfolio or Facebook page, they are amazing!

Live. Love. Loud.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

DIY Intimate Wedding: David + Jenny

Her laughter filled there air just like any other day.  Jennifer and David had long since told me the story of how their love began.

Jen had made her way down south to the Life Chiropractic College in Marietta, GA.  Ever since she had seen how her mother had been helped, Jen determined it her life goal to help others through becoming a Chiropractor.  Once in the heart of the south following after her life's dream, Jen found herself investing in a local church, singing, playing drums and anything else they would allow.  It was there, in church, she found David.  Jen told me with a smile, "It was there by design that I was introduced to David."  

They hit it off, as the story goes.  Their temperaments complimented each other so fully.  Both are playful and overjoyed about all that life might bring.  

A few months ago Jen's lovely mother passed.  Even in this passing Jen found comfort, "For now she is with the angels rejoicing... I'll get to be with her again."  Jen's joy for life she learned from one of the kindest women I have ever known.  If angels are among men Jen's mother was one of them.  

Their wedding was a celebration of life.  Not a soul there was less than over the moon at their love.  I'm pretty sure I have never had so much fun as when Jen and David decided to whip out their "beaver" faces... No, I will not show you... you must ask them for that joy :D 

Each detail was looked over with such care, that's to David's Mother (You got some talent Momma D!)

Why yes... I am THAT funny :D

Jenny you are truly beautiful!  I mean when "dung brought it" :P

 At Life there is this amazing 19th century village that Jen fell in love with and so we decided it was necessary for their pictures (to which I am glad, it was really awesome to see)!

Never has a couple been so joyful... 

No matter where I put her, nor what she decided to do... just FABULOUS: that's what you are Jenny!

Jenny and David waited to kiss... so this is their very first kiss together!

They had a DIY Photobooth, everyone had so much fun... though not as much as David with his remote :D

Thank you so much for the honor of being with you on your big day and allowing me to capture your moments.  It was a joy!

Live. Love. Loud.

Castle McCullough in the Spring

He saw her from a distance, observing her grace as she pushed her hair back to study the book as it lay open on her lap.  They had classes together and he had seen her from a distance but today... today he would say hello.  The long courageous walk across the quad was the start of their romance.  The start of all the first laughs, first hugs... the start of their life long love.

When their wedding day came Wendy watched as some of the details were put in place.  A smile split her face only to be covered by her delicate hand as she exclaimed over the beauty that unraveled before her.  

Wendy checked the clock on the wall ever so often eager to see her love.

Wendy and John had eyes only for each other.
Wendy you are so beautiful!
Every guest was ready to rejoice over Wendy and John starting their life together.

It was such a joy to be able to capture your day, thank you Wendy and John!

Live. Love. Loud.

Di and Aaron

Live. Love. Loud.

Ally and Scott

As I get out of my car and walk towards the little market a see them walking hand in hand.  Scot slightly dragging an umbrella, too distracted with Allie to notice as it cuffs the ground.  Not worried about the threatening rain they smile and laugh together, thinking of nothing but the joy of a life they are starting together.
The rain did hold off, for it cannot rain on this couple in love...

Live. Love. Loud.

Sarah and Stephen: Wedding

Drum roll please. . .
You've seen the parties. . .
You've seen the prep work. . .
Now. . .
(yes, all the ellipsis are necessary)
After all this time and prep... 
It's time Introduce you to
 Mr. and Mrs. My sister got married!

Did you love the anticipation?  I did, pretty sure I'm so good at it I should get an Oscar for my award winning work of typing ellipsis.
Yep, It's finally here some pictures from the wedding!  Hope you enjoy my sister's first day of marital ... well I hate to jinx her and say bliss so I will end with Married?

Live. Love. Loud.

Wendy and John

The park bench was a bit cold considering the weather that day.  Mistakenly I had worn a wool sweater due to not looking at the forecast of a beautiful day.  In the distance I see this striking couple with their cute dogs, instantly I want to shoot them but who goes up to a couple and asks "You too are really cute, can I take some pictures of you?"  As they made their way across the park the dogs seemed determined to weave their leashes together.  To my delight as they got closer I saw that this adorable couple was indeed Wendy and John... though the truth of the matter is my eye sight just not be what it is supposed to be I'm going to blame the sun :D

Live. Love. Loud.

Allison and Aaron

Friends for years it took Aaron a long time to get up the courage to try and steal her heart but it took her less time to let it be taken.  The day started with laughter between close friends getting to relive the days past, and catching up with time spent apart.  Never have a more laid back couple been matched so perfectly.  Each detail chosen reflected Allison's unique and retro.  

I am overjoyed that I was allowed such an honor as to be a part of such a beautiful couple's first day as husband and wife!

Live. Love. Loud.