Monday, July 29, 2013

A manicure was needed...

I sat hands firmly ensnared into the tangles of my hair.  "I can't!  I just can't," I shouted!  It was the second round of options from the dearly talented Meredith over at Jack + Molly Design.  She is amazing to work with and supremely talented.  She was able to take the long meandering ramblings of the crazy that is me and turn them into art.

I sat at my computer scared to open the email.  There it sat screaming to be clicked, with its bold black inked subject.  My hand hovered over the track pad.  I could hear my mind rolling out thoughts trying to command my hand to move but it was unwilling.  Finally the brain won out and I was blessed to see the handful of options Meredith had completed.  As I scrolled down and saw each beautiful design, two screamed for my attention and they wouldn't release.  I could see both logos in place, the palate of colors that would be used, the packaging... two directions for me to follow.

I am a juxtaposed person.  I can make decisions easily till they are important.  Picking where to eat, in an instant!  But when it comes to something life changing... I am done for.  My father always said, "Saying yes to one thing, means saying no to all the rest," the saying has always stuck with me.  It isn't the saying yes with which I have an issue, instead it is the no.

Those two designs, that I connected to from almost the first moment I saw them, sat in front of me for days.  So I set a deadline.  The last day to mull the decision came...nails were bitten, stomachs were queasy, hair was almost pulled out... it was a sight to be seen, ask my poor husband what my sad lump looked like on the couch those last moments of the day.  Ask poor Meredith about my sad indecisive state.  It was a sight to be seen for sure.

But now I have a beautiful logo and that is why I ramble today.  I want to share it with the world and say a huge... GIGANTIC thank you to Meredith over at Jack + Molly Designs for all her hard work, beautiful art but mostly for dealing with the sad sack that is me!

If you are in any need of Design work take my word for it  or don't and take a look for yourself of their portfolio or Facebook page, they are amazing!

Live. Love. Loud.

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