Monday, July 29, 2013

"Nesting" Cards

Packages are like Christmas to me.  Just like mail that isn't bills.  Even if it is a baby shower invitation...  But today's package is like Christma-kwan-nukkah!  I finally got the package of my newly designed, thanks to +Meredith Locklear  over at Jack + Molly Design, business cards in!

When I saw the package it became on of those moments you don't know whether you gingerly pull the tape back and delicately unfold the contents or if you let out your inner Jurassic and tear away everything as ferociously as possible.  I opted for the first, I was with company and thought drooling and showing teeth probably wasn't the best option.

I would like to say both a thanks and "where-you-trying-to-make-it-impossible" to the folks over at Moo Lux.  I finally got the outer box pulled back only to find more small boxes and then more small boxes... it was like the nesting dolls of business cards!

I am so delighted to, after un-"nesting" them, share with you my new business cards.

Thank you +Meredith Locklear for dealing with my crazy to allow me the joy of having such beautiful designs!

Live. Love. Loud.

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