Tuesday, August 27, 2013

All you need is you = FABULOUS

Often I talk about how I want to experience life; I make lists and brain storm about what to do.  This Saturday we had off, no weddings, no shoots, no family trips so Chris planned a date day.  We journeyed out for the first time to enjoy the beauty of the Duke Gardens.  I know it is crazy to live in Chapel Hill and have never been to Duke Gardens... what can I say we let life get in the way.  

Walking around the beautiful gardens it got me thinking.  It comes with the territory but I often get asked about locations for engagement shoots.  So often my brides are worried about the location, will it be pretty enough... these shots will be with them forever and they worry about what will be in them.  Duke Gardens is often brought up as a location to shoot, and after having been there I totally understand because it is truly beautiful... but I don't know if that is really what you want as crazy as that sounds.

That may not be clear so I figured I would lay out exactly what I mean:

An engagement shoot shouldn't be about your location!  Don't fret about whether it will be pretty or the flowers being in bloom.  The shoot is about YOU!  Your love!  You and your love are the star!  If you have a location that is important to you that's great!  Is it a silly ally where you would sneak out to?  Is it your backyard where you grew up together?  Is it the local bridge where you graffiti as teens?  Don't worry about it being "Pretty"  you are all the pretty that the shot needs.  If you allow me to help you relax and just be you with the person you love and you will have natural, fun and beautiful shots that are you: FABULOUS!  

So all you need to worry about is bringing you, as fabulous as you are!

Live. Love. Loud.

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