Friday, August 16, 2013

Anna Kendrick, self delusions and all things amazing

In my head I am a great dancer... where I to have the lessons I could take on the world.  But that's not saying much I am also Peter Pan were I ever able to find Neverland.... though I am not Hermione not matter how much I try I'm not that awesome... some truths have to be faced.

Because of my inner amazing I can't help but love So You Think You Can Dance.  It lets me live in my dream world where people are just amazing.  I may be a little too in love with it... I have all the episodes from this season on my DVR and I have watched them more than once.  Obsessed as I may be what I love about the show is it both solidifies how much I lack talent and yet also lets me dream of what could be.  It is the beautiful balance between facing reality and embracing fantasy.  How, you ask can this show get better?  I thought it not possible then they added Anna Kendrick to the judging panel this past week and trying an amazing recipe of a raw vegan double chocolate cheesecake... which let's face it tastes nothing like cheesecake but all the same it is amazingly delicious!

Anna Kendrick is amazing...and in the world that is in my head we are besties!  Chris, yes the poor guy is forced to watch SYTYCD with me each week, and I couldn't help but laugh out loud at Anna, why yes we are on a first name basis... "If I could just have your body for a day I'm pretty sure I could solve all the worlds problems..."

Which brings me to LOVES

1. SYTYCD because where else can you see amazing dancers, breathtaking choreography, laugh out loud and see that many beautiful people at the same time!
2. Anna Kendrick, beautiful, witty and from all accounts a pretty amazing friend (yes, I'm talking about our friendship and that deep connection... but for reals she is pretty amazing and down to earth)
3. My amazing husband for not only dealing with my obsessive love of SYTYCD but also being willing to watch it with me
4. Sugary delicious that is the raw vegan double chocolate cheesecake (I mean who can argue with delicious and also healthy... well considering desserts anyway)

What are your LOVES this week?

Live. Love. Loud.

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