Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Challenge accepted!

Let's be honest: no one watches "How I Met Your Mother" for Ted.  I'm in it for the antics of the amazing Neil Patrick Harris.  Though extreme I love his vigor for life.  I want to be more like that.  I mean my heart is but in reality how much of my life do I allow days to pass without adventure without putting myself out there.  I want to live life more uncomfortable.

Does that sound crazy?

I figure that the only way you have "those moments" is by being uncomfortable.  You meet people, try things, live life in a way you wouldn't otherwise.  I want a epic life, so I need to live it as if it were!

Today I am putting myself out here for all to see the few here to listen.  I am pursing my dream of making a living by capturing the one day in a couples life that their epic love buds a family of their own... what I haven't been living fully is my desire to do this everywhere!  I want to travel everywhere doing this.  I want to see... I want to have the honor of capturing the joy that is their day!  I'm starting with a smaller goal then everywhere... I mean everywhere is awesome but I want to have specific achievable goals:  

My more achievable goal is I want to shoot a wedding in every USA State!

So I am offering up an interesting chance challenge to engaged couples everywhere: 

Contact me:  If you are the first couple from your state (if you are out of USA the offer stands as well :D) you can get me and my darling husband to cover your wedding FREE!  

Contact me for more information at 


Live. Love. Loud.

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