Monday, August 19, 2013

Chicken soup on just for the soul

The weeks always seem to speed up.  Chris refuses to think that time is relative... or even feels relative.  I think he is crazy.  When you are wanting something to happen and you are waiting it feels like it takes longer then if you are dealing with something you dread.  That's a fact... well, not really but it is "factual" feeling to me.

All that said, sometimes your body decides to tell you that time needs to slow down.  That's when the chicken soup comes in, to which I love and Chris think is gross... but that's because he swears he starts smelling like chicken soup.  It makes my throat feel AHmazing!  So Chris is just plan wrong.

Sadly today is one of those days.  I lay sprawled on the couch switching from sipping a hot tea, some chicken soup and a giant sippy cup of water, all the while looking pathetic but not quite as much as poor Chris.

Oh if chicken soup were a healing potion I would be immortal by now!

Live. Love. Loud. 

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