Thursday, August 29, 2013

Confessions from a Photo-holic

I want to be more than I am.  I strive for more.  I scavenge websites, Pinterest, Vouge, anything I can get my hands on.  I say I am looking for inspiration and that is often how it starts but more often then not it ends in me struggling with feeling down.  I look at the work of Jasmine Star, Matthew Jordan Smith, Chase Jarvis and I feel so small so lacking.  I want to be the one to inspire.  I want to take the photo that is breathtaking... that literally captures the couple so fully.

(Found this in a neat Richmond gallery down on Cary St.  The artist was so talented and had so many different looks I was enchanted)

I want to touch their lives.  I want each and every time they look at their photos the bride and groom are transported back to the day of their wedding.  They can with a blink flash back to the moment the lights dimmed and the dance floor was filled with old college friends hands raised chanting the songs of their youth.  I want the father of the bride flash to that moment of handing off his little girl... the feeling that was there still strong enough to cause a hitch in his breathing, cause him to wonder at time.

I want my photos to embody joy.  Not just happy but the triumph even in the hard... to remember back to the struggle but know it was meant for more; it brought you here.

Sometimes when I look at my work I get a glimpse but it is never good enough.  It is never strong enough, never... 

Live. Love. Loud.

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