Monday, August 26, 2013

Finding awesome in old

So I love the idea of experiencing everything.  I've probably mentioned it before because I'm a bit obsessed.  Recently I decided that I would make a best effort to seize life so that also includes random stops on road trips to view what life has to offer.  So this recent trip to VA we found ourselves at this little store.  It was pretty awesome.  Chris and I weren't in the market for anything in particular but were we... I'm saying.  It was a fun stop that didn't take that long but made the long drive seem more enjoyable.

Just moments after this a couple swooped in and sniped this worn blue side table.  I'm pretty sure they saw the way Chris and I were discussing it and thought they'd better act before they couldn't... little did they know that we talk bigger than our wallets :D

So on your next road trip remember to stop and smell the... antiques?  Or whatever random store/shop/site there might be to see!

Live. Love. Loud.

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