Monday, August 12, 2013

Five years of differences and laughing

Chris and I just made it past our five year marker.  As a way of celebrating we are going on a trip to Hawaii this fall.  We are of course super excited but in prep for the trip we both decided to use it as the jump start to healthy living that we both desire but keep putting off... cause let's face it ice cream is delicious.

So in this new effort for healthy living we have been trying to eat healthier and exercise more... so what we should have been doing all along basically.  We all know what we need to do... yet why is it so hard?  I mean fruit tastes delicious, smoothies are fantastic yet somehow I still want to eat a half gallon of Blue Bell in one sitting... Yes, this has happened, and yes, you should be amazed at my talents of eating sugar cause they can't be matched.  Okay, Santa beats me with his cookie tolerance but I don't feel it s  a fair comparison he has had more than a few decades to practice.

Chris and I are very different people and this is no different. I struggle with desiring sugar, Chris longs for snack foods like Chips, fried chicken.  Chris does better actually playing sports, volleyball, basketball... but something where he is focused more on the activity then what he is doing... I would rather eat a pound of laxative then pick up a ball and try, notice the key word there TRY, to play a sport with other people... I am more than a little ball handicapped.  I like chugging along on the treadmill, taking a yoga or dance class.  Chris love running...he actually thinks it is fun... I love swimming... if I could will growing gills I would long but have them.  Yet both of us struggle with working out on our own... so we try and help each other but it doesn't turn out pretty.  I turn basketball into some sort of rhythmic gymnastic routine, to be fair it is the only why I know how to use a ball.  Chris going swimming with me turns into Chris standing in water wishing I was finished.

Your are free to laugh at us... we do.  That is one way we are similar: we both love to laugh... even if it is at ourselves.  So here is to hoping we laugh enough to get our exercise?

Live. Love. Loud. 

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  1. Fun! How have I never been to this new site before..craziness and I'm so happy to READ about all your fun times and see your lovely pictures! By the way, I hope we can both grow gills. ;)

    Also, you guys are too cute.