Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Friends and other things that are AHhhmazing

Friends are my life!  In the recent trek to help with the move we got a chance to see some close friends of ours and it was AAAMAZING!  Yes, caps were needed.  They have recently added a little boy to their family (Elliot) and it was neat to see how their dynamic has changed... and to see their adorable new son.

They sat in their new home with their new son.  He turned to his wife convinced he knew the best way to burp young Elliot, she shook her head with an endearing smile as she passed over her tiny new son.  The whole interaction was capped by the awesome and unbelievable: their 14 day old son rolled over... three times in a row!  I'm not a baby aficionado but that is really young if I'm not mistaken. His father puffed with pride and his mother pulled out her iphone to capture the second flip.

You know those friends that times elapses but the friendship doesn't miss a beat?  Well, they are those friends.  Months pass without communication but somehow we pick up where we left off.  So I can make a fool of myself, like I always do, and they totally get it... or at least they pretend to :D   Which to a girl who once wanted to be Peter Pan, "pretend" no matter the circumstances sounds amazing!

Live. Love. Loud.

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