Wednesday, August 21, 2013

"I'm getting too old for this...."

I get I'm young... but not as young as I was.  Every time I crash on a couch, help someone move for pizza, etc I realize how not young I really am.  Putting that aside Chris' sister just got the chance to move closer to us and so we ran up and saw a wee bit more of the VA country side and a-lot-a-bit of boxes... or that was the plan.  It is a long story but playing cards and enjoying the beautiful day was a nice change of plans.

One of the towns we drove through was Harrisonburg.  This tower shows their blaring JMU love!  It was pretty awesome little town.  Met a pretty neat lady who is moving from there to Raleigh so I am excited about the chance to show her around.  I love meeting new people. 

When we finally got to Chris' sisters house and what a beautiful house and on top of that this is their view can you believe it!?!

Depsite not actually helping someone move it got me thinking: every time I help someone move (or in this case, near someone who does move) it makes me want to move.  Is that crazy?  I feel like that's a bit of crazy.  I blame my childhood but in a good way.  My parents always moved around a lot.  My dad would sit us down and ask, "Ready for another adventure".  When I was little I remember thinking "Adventure" was the worst word in the world.  It was the word that meant the world was changing!  It took a while for me to be even okay with change but when it changed it CHANGED.  I'm a nomad at heart now.  I love traveling, living out of a suitcase, flying... My mom teases me that I would make an amazing homeless person.  I take that as a compliment... as it should be! :D

What about you?  Where is your favorite place to travel?

Live. Love. Loud. 

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