Friday, August 23, 2013

Piles of tissues, loads of tea and LOVES

Laying out on the couch with piles of tissues around me (I thought about taking a picture, but decided to spare you) watching a long list of guilty pleasures and some not so guilty.  I realized unexpected days off aren't all bad even if they are caused by the leaky faucet that is my nose.  Which brings me to this weeks LOVES...


  • Tissues with lotion, cause let's face it they are amazing when you have to use a box a day
  • Ice cream when sick, despite it slowing your healing process it makes you forget your sneezing, runny nose and coughing for a few bites
  • Tea sets they make drinking disturbingly large amounts of tea seem more fun
  • Unexpected days off... even if they are because you feel like you are on the brink of death... okay maybe not death but severely sick
  • Harry Potter Marathons cause they make you forget that Hermione doesn't really exist, but if she did man would we be besties!

Here's to looking at the brighter side!
Live. Love. Loud.

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