Thursday, August 1, 2013

the. Big. . . REVEAL!

Do you ever walk up to a menu and think, "I  will take one of everything"?  Maybe that's just me... especially me at a Thai restaurant, have I mentioned I'm CRAZY for some Thai?  Well, I am.

I feel like I view life like a menu and I want to say "One of everything please" and when I started my journey for a new website it was no different.  I looked over hundreds of photography and fashion websites and kept seeing things I loved.  How they used this or that, their choice in colors, their unique look... it was so much fun looking at all the possibilities but when it came down to trying to design my own website it became difficult overwhelming!

Were I as talented as one +Meredith Locklear  then the process would have been so much easier, so perfect, so wonderful but alas for my very first official website my budget demanded my wanting skills.  After some struggles and toils and help from the amazing Jeremy Dillinger (a supremely talented programmer) I can now finally introduce my new website!

You can take a look at the new website by clicking here.


Live. Love. Loud. 

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