Thursday, September 26, 2013

Awe-lfing results: Confessions of a Photo-a-holic (FAILS edition)

My most recent trip to seen my "Tatem" family included some golf or as I said before some "Awe-lfing" so I figured it was only fair that I share some photos.  

Our trip started off like most of our trips: The sun had long set, everyone is sleeping yet we are awake.  The clock as already spun over to the next morning as we load the car and start our trip.  Empty dark roads the whole way is Chris' preference and he is never disappointed.  We talk of the day passed and what is planned for the weekend.  By the time we arrive it is only hours before Chris' father will awake, because he gets up when no man should: my rule is if the sun isn't up then I don't want to be!  We make our way silently to our room and slumber for a few hours before we awake and join the day.

This trip was no different, only the next morning we went golfing!  Or mainly I went on a really slow but beautiful drive.  It was perfect out.  You know those days of cliche beauty of the days of fall... yea, it was one of those.  I pretended to take score... (why are there four lines for each hole?  I thought you wanted to score less not more???)

My putting is more like my ball is greeting the whole green.  "Oh I saw that side already can we make a cruse by to the other please?"  To which I haven't the heart to say no.

Please notice that I am indeed on the other side of the cart path... 

Chris and his father looked like pros as they walked to each tee box.  I assured myself that was what is important, for it helped me feel more accomplished as I missed the ball...again.  They would shout, "Great practice swing!"  My cheeks would flame for a moment before I would give in to laughter and try again. 

My "Awe-lfing" was fun though I'll be it a disgrace to the game but it got me thinking.  How often do we stop ourselves from doing something in fear of failure.

Maybe I am alone in this but I all so often keep myself from starting something or trying something in front of people.  Mainly it is with environments to which I am completely unaccustomed.  Like the first time you go to school, or when you are invited to a party where you know maybe one person, or to a photography networking party.  I like to scope it out first.  Get the lay of the land.  I like to practice (yes, in networking environments this may mean that I come up with mock conversation topics) I call it being prepared but how often is it an excuse?  I don't want to forgo who I am but at the same time I want to keep a balance: I don't want to hindering myself.  Who cares if I look a fool?  Apparently me.  But I am deciding to side with my younger self and not give a whoot!  Yea, I said it "Whoot"!

So here's to being more silly= read this "more me"... cause let's be serial they are one and the same!

Live. Love. Loud. 

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