Monday, September 9, 2013

Here's to: Camera Works

We have talked about I have ranted my feelings and insecurities before... it isn't new.  So this week when I went to use my 85mm lens and it wasn't working I dreaded going to the camera shop.  I mean dreaded.  I got in the car a few times planning on going and then psyched myself out.  Yes, I am that girl.

Today I determined enough was enough, I made sure I knew where I wanted to go and I found two shops near me.  One of which I had heard of, Southeast Camera and the other I hadn't Camera Works.  I decided to try out Camera works, looked like a smaller business and therefore I figured there would be at most 2 people who made me feel stupid instead of 6.

Sometimes I feel like Joey in friends, if I just simply nod and smile I may not get the information I want but I will not get "the look".  You all know what I am talking about.  You have either given or received the look... maybe even both.  Well my first time into a camera shop I wanted to know it all but didn't know anything so I walked up to the counter and asked and probed but my questions were basic and the clerk's face was clearly stating, "Why are you even here"... or maybe I was reading into the raised eyebrows and bemused eyes.  That said as I un-clicked my seat belt and my breath started wavering.  I grabbed my camera, breathed deep and marched towards the front door of this little shop.

Inside I was greeted by large glass displays filled to the edges with cameras and lenses, a few new, some old, and  some really old.  An older gentleman behind the counter greeted me with "Good day" and smiling eyes.  My heart held hope... I might get my lens fixed and not want to eat a pint of ice cream afterwards.  He finished helping the customer before me with ease before turning to me.

I plopped my camera body on the counter.  I took a deep breath and plunged in, I explained the issue I was having and within seconds he had not only fixed the issue he showed me how to avoid it with an understanding smile and he did it all for free!  

We got to talking and the gentleman who has now won my heart for all my camera needs is Sebastian.  He is the owner of the little shop and he has been working on or with Cameras for more than 3 decades.  We talked over the passage of both camera's move from film to digital and of his location in Durham.  He even pulled out his favorite camera and a few shots he took in Scotland.  All of this, and I was out the door in under 20 minutes!  I'm in love.  For any and all of you out there looking for equipment, help or repairs Camera Works is your place and Sebastian is your man!

So here's to finding my new home and for a man with all the knowledge in the world ready and willing to share it with endless kindness!

Live. Love. Loud. 

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