Friday, September 6, 2013

LOVES: Cheat day

I'm a pretty determined person.  When I set a goal it is difficult for me to not finish it... I feel guilt and sorrow.  Probably not the healthy response not that I mention it :D  That said Chris and I have determined to get healthy for our trip to Hawaii in the fall.  Well, honestly that's just the motivation to have a time crunch but we need to get healthy for everyday but that just sounds depressing.

I've been doing okay, been doing some sort of exercise everyday and eating on a stricter diet, more fiber, fruits, veggies... all the things I was supposed to always eat.  But you know what's the worst?  Going out in public to your favorite haunts.  How do you say no to a milkshake when it is right there in front of you begging you to eat it?  You don't.  Or more accurately I don't :D  So if I don't meet my goals I blame Chickfila for inventing the Mocha Cookies and Cream milkshake and free Wifi, that's legit right?  Nothing like a little blame shifting.

This restaurant (shall remain nameless) has given up the facade that people actually use their hands and installed a kick plate!

Un-cheat day: Chickfila's side salad is amazing!  Just the right size and so flavorful I'm in love... now if only I had the will power to only order that!

Another form of cheat days I keep seeing commercials for JustFab shoes... I'm pretty in love now how to pick only two?

Cheat day....s....
The last fleeting days of summer
Sweet Potato Fries
Chickfila's Side Salad
Shoes... just all of them!

Live. Love. Loud.

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