Friday, September 20, 2013

LOVES: Wishing up fall

I'm not a golfer.  I don't golf.  Not to say that I don't like golfing but instead because what it is I do *insert visual of me decked out in plaid and crazily swinging a club at a ball... after missing the first 9 times...* can't be called "Golf".  I mean truly cannot be called golf... it is some subgenre... I'll call it "Awe-lf-ing".  That said Chris, Chris' father, and I have a 10 am tee time today.  So saddle up Kevin (Chris' father) for my humorous efforts.  All the same I am super excited to enjoy the beautiful weather outside.

I love fall.  Almost irrationally.  The breeze and nip in the air.  The fact that I can break out my beloved scarves, sweaters and wear my boots without people looking at me funny.  I walked outside today and I was hit with this feeling that fall has arrived.  It made me want to bake, buy obnoxiously large pumpkins that I never know what to do with, go hiking and mostly I desperately wanted to take engagement photos.  I mean just how cute are fall engagements and weddings!  I mean come on!  This week Chris and I are taking a small trip up to see his family and golf is on the schedule... or should I say enjoying  a beautifully green place to walk and occasionally trying to hit balls... what I do can't really be called "Golfing" So that brings me to this weeks LOVES

  • The fall: let's be super serial, it is fantastic
  • Boots... need I say more
  • Pumpkin flavored everything
  • We are that much closer to getting Egg Nog and Christmas(I'm obsessed... I know...)
  • Here's to enjoying the outdoors without sweating!
  • Scarves, gloves, hats... the endless supply of accessories at my finger tips now that it is starting to get colder
  • Taking small trips, taking in our lives and families
  • Golfing = walking around an a beautiful day!

Live. Love. Loud. 

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