Wednesday, September 4, 2013

PASS it around

Today I'm starting a series... and sadly it will be no where near as epic as Potter, but I'm excited all the same.  I figured I would start the series with one of my favorite features!

I hate CD's... like I loath them probably for some deep psychological reason too but mainly I hate them because you can loose them and you can break them... having done both :D  When I got married my wedding photographer gave me all my photos on a CD.  I was super psyched to get them but sadly I lost the CD, thanks to the quick thinking of Chris my parents also had a copy of the CD so things were find and dandy but I think that is where the simmer of hate grew.

When I ventured into Wedding photography and I looked over the options of how to get my work to the people that made it possible there were a lot a great options but ultimately I went with the one I would have wanted were I them.  It is this amazing Company PASS the brain child of an amazing photographer David Jay.  But that's enough history...

Why is PASS so amazing?  Well, for so many reasons and don't you know you get to hear all of them!

PASS allows galleries to be as private or as open as you want them. 
PASS allows one click share to your favorite sites: Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter 
PASS allows simple easy to maneuver menu 
PASS gives you the chance with one click to email any picture you want to anyone you want.
PASS lets you select favorites and share them with your family and friends
PASS allows you to one click order professional prints from the amazing WHCC
PASS allows you to choose how you want to handle your photos and where you want them
PASS allows one click download of  one or all of your high resolution photos for the "VIP"

As a bride and groom using PASS you get the VIP treatment.  You get the same amazing one click options such as: download the lot (each and every one being a high resolution for any of your printing desires), order prints from WHCC, as well as transfer to Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest to share with your friends and family.    You can share the link with anyone you want and they can order, share on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or email.  Your photos are allowed to be seen by any and all you desire but only the VIP treatment is given to you.  So that means that not just anyone can download high resolution photos, so your photos are as safe as you want them!

So PASS allows you to easily "PASS" your photos around... do you see what I did there?

Live. Love. Loud.

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