Wednesday, September 11, 2013

You know you are a foodie when...

Chris and I have been doing dates.  Specifically we have been planning dates for each other.  When we started dating it was in college... no money and living in groups hoards of young people in small homes lends itself to lack of dates.  Our dates usually consisted of cooking something at home and most all of Chris' roommates joining in.  Side note: Why are the kitchens in girl dorms SO terrible?  Every time I would try and cook at my dorm I would have to clean it before using it... by the time I finished cleaning it I was too tired to cook let alone clean it up after again so I would end up eating crackers.

We got in the habit of lack luster dating.  We, when we finally had enough money, would go out to restaurants but we never really planned anything.  There was no surprise or intrigue.  Let's face it if there isn't surprise I'm not interested :D Well not fully true but surprises are the best!

(photo thanks to our amazing tour guide: Sarah)

So a few months ago Chris and I talked and I decided that I didn't want to go out to eat if it wasn't going to be a full out date.  So Chris planned our first date and I planned our second... which we just completed and I loved it some much that I wanted to share it with you.

I started by going to a local farmer's market and enjoying a fresh made cinnamon roll and grabbing a bag full of peppers... which were all most amazing (thought I loved all peppers but I found one that I don't like and unfortunately I don't know its name... but is smells like old socks and soap).  Then came the all the more amazing...

So there are these wonderful walking tours in our area with Triangle Food Tours.  You walk around an area and your guide tells you about the area and history as you make your way from one great restaurant to the next.  Sadly I didn't take the time to photograph all along the way but we WILL be going on another tour and I'll grab some shots and share them next time.  

So we started the tour with intrigue.  You meet a group of strangers a the designated location, introduce yourself and make you way to amazing!  Our tour was of Chapel Hill and Carrboro.  The tours change almost each time so you never know where you might end up!    This tour landed us at six amazing resturants.

First was Fitzgerald's Irish Pub.  It was a fun and energetic environment.  A definite sports bar but not just filled with your "average" pub foods but an amazing selection of delicious Irish favorites and modern twists on classics.

Next we made our way to CholoNad.  South Indian cuisine but with a modern look.  You can enjoy a casual lunch or have a great night out celebrating any event.  I love eating vegetarian and so this was an amazing find where Chris can eat all the meats he desires and I can enjoy my vegetables with seemingly endless flavor. 

Third we made it to the beautifully industrial Glass half full.  Think wine bar meets modern twist on tapas.  Marshal is the unassuming genius in the kitchen who reinvents the menu each season!

Next we made our way to Kipos.  If you want the full Greek experience look no further.  "Everything here is Greek"  claimed the charismatic manager and it was no joke.  Fresh pastries and breads made each day by Inga, who was born and raised in Greece.  The wine, the spanakopita, the desserts... oh the desserts...

Stuffed we made our way to the famous 411 West.  The manager was nice enough to tell us the long history of this location and the other connected restaurants.

After that we finally made our way to the last stop La Residence.  Well established and fitted into a re-purposed old home the chef bucks the norm.  He instead takes a playful whimsical nature with his creations.  The menu of their up coming wine dinner this fall sat in front of us, as we tasted their foods, tempting us to come and join them.

I did however have enough time at the end of the tour to grab these two shots... Read this as I waddle when I'm full.

(both of these are snaps from one of the dining rooms at La Residence)

I don't know if I have been so stuffed in my life nor have I had so much fun eating and meeting 9 amazing people!  I can't wait to get a chance to try all the other tours... I hope you get a chance too.  If you do send me a shout out I'd love to join :D

Live.  Love. Loud.

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