Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

There are certain aspects of growing up that I simply reject.  The idea the dressing up is only for kids is the first on that list!

Happy Halloween.  I hope you take today to act silly enjoy some of your favorite treats and make memories with your friends and family: whatever your traditions might be!

Live. Love. Loud.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Local Finds and Fun

I love it when you come across amazing finds right next to your house. Chris and I have been making a point of taking in our life as much as possible, so this past week we took an afternoon and found a neat hiking park near us and took on the route.  Does anyone follow signs that say "Don't do ____"... maybe I'm the only one with authority issues but even if I didn't want to do it before I want to after seeing that sign!  Sand dunes are filled with crabs, sand fleas and spurs but when I see a sign oh how I'm temped... Just saying.

There was a definite: "Warning" sign somewhere on the hike... not going to disclose it's location but you might guess

 How beautiful is the over look of Chapel Hill!


Chris and I have been working out a lot recently but you still don't realize how out of shape you are till you hike uphill for an hour!  Winded much?

So much fun!

Take time this week and find something new and awesome about where you live!

Live. Love. Loud.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Getting Ready: Details and Pure You

I love wedding days.  Who knew I was a romantic at heart... well I guess most people would considering what I do but let a girl pretend there is a truth being shared :D

One of my favorite things about a wedding day is the getting ready.  It is the almost forced candid moments.  It gives me and Chris the chance to simply slide around the background and snap away and capture the moments.  I also love it because it gives me a chance to capture all the amazing details that the Bride and Groom have taken so much time to gather together to make their wedding day special and completely you!

Live. Love. Loud.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Shout out and a Big Ole Thanks!

I've been trekking this road towards making my dream of photography a reality.  Over the years a lot has changed, most of good :D.  I have blessed as the years passed to have more people who have my back and encourage me on!  This past week I may have been a little over eager announcing my win but if you spent 26 years ever having won a competition you might be a bit crazy too!  

But I wanted to take time today to thank all those who have helped me get where I am today.  Thank all those who have been so supportive in the past and all those encouraging notes left for me all over Facebook.  I am so blessed that you are all behind me on my journey!

Thank you all for being so amazing and encouraging... makes a girl blush!

Live. Love. Loud.

Friday, October 25, 2013

LOVES: Sticky and Delicious!

This past weekend we got to go up and see family and the worlds best friends.  We drove up the long and windy roads to find our way to the Virginia Mountains and apparently all the beautiful changing leaves!  I swear it was like  post card at every turn.  If you can and you have a weekend free you're going to want to make a drip over to the mountains and get a beautiful landscape view of all those fantastic colors!  To top it all off I got to meet one of my October goals:
Do something I have never done before:  Apple Picking!

It was crazy busy... like delicious! :D

One of my besties was there with her little tiny thing and so when you see an opportunity for cuteness you take it full fledged!

How beautiful it was! Even overcast it was beautiful and so big!

Okay so it was an amazing trip with a really neat store and tasty food... only issue with this map.  Hand drawn, completely disproportionate and when the lady handed over she explained that half the map was incorrect... you get the idea.  In my family that's called an adventure!

So in true foodie fashion you can't just get a little food... so here is our pile of goodies!

Chris testing out some of the goods

 Determined that if I pick the perfect Granny Smith apples then they will make themselves into the perfect pie.... OH and Apple Fritters!  OH I love Apple Fritters!

So here's to this weekend being as fabulous as this past weekend!  Which brings me to LOVES:

  • Apple picking...or maybe just apple cider doughnuts at the orchard
  • Getting time with amazing friends and family
  • Sewing projects: I love 
  • Making, thinking about and getting Christmas gifts... I know it is early but I love getting gifts!
  • Looking at changing leaves... I'm pretty sure I could just drive around the mountains for hours... well so long as there was a PSL in my hand :D
  • Freeing the house of clutter
  • Pie pie and more pie... in almost any variety!
  • Christmas sections in any store... I know I'm crazy but I loves me some Christmas! :D

Live. Love. Loud.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Confessions: Silly Edtion

Confession: my thoughts don't always work cohesively together.  Do you ever have one of those moments when four thoughts cross mind so quickly it seems like more than one person would have had to think them?  If so I totally get you cause that happens to me on the regular!  So today is all about scattered and silly confessions.

Sitting at home last night I couldn't help but think: "Darn-it I want me some sugar"  So Chris and I have been trying to be healthy and exercise and blah blah blah... Man do I want a feast of doughnuts, ice cream, cake, pie... OH scones!  Yea, it's been one of those weeks.    What's silly is it isn't that eating healthy tastes bad... I loves me some fruits and veggies... Just when I want sugar : I WANT SUGAR.

I was raised by a man who was in love with experiencing life, which is great but also I struggle with wanting to do EVERYTHING.  When someone asks you do you want to go hiking or a trolley wine tour... um YES! :D  Most of my life I have to live responsibly and take things as they come and have random fun on a scheduled basis but sometimes in the small things I go with my whimsy desire!  This week I chopped my hair... all... off!  It is one of those things that I have though of but you keep putting it off so no more postponing it is all gone! Thanks to my talented friend Emily over at Salon Blu.

Eeek: what do you think?

So I saw this meme and it made me laugh so fully because I have yet to identify so fully with a meme before but I live this daily!

I sometimes wish my life was a commercial. There is this Target commercial advertising their threshold households line that makes me swoon.

So I have always wanted to try Karaoke but I'm also super terrified at the idea.

I wish I had naturally red hair... and a hoard of red headed children because I would totally change my last name to Weasley!

Live. Love. Loud.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Chasity and Jake: Rustic Barn Wedding: Wendell, NC

From the moment the day started till it ended there was nothing but smiles splitting the faces of Chasity and Jake.   They met in college and from how Chasity tells he she knew well before Jake that there was love in their future.  Her eyes lit up as she told the story of their love starting and how much it grew.  

The wedding was a burden of love from both families.  The bride's sister (and matron of honor) worked endlessly hand in hand with the bride and mother of the bride to make the dream wedding come alive.  With the use of the family barn and beautiful property surrounding was the setting of this elegantly, rustic affair!

How cute are these ChristyNg Shoes?! I'm so in love with Etsy!

Each detail of the decor was hand picked and crafted with love.

The maid of honor was amazingly creative with this use of hardwood floors, stencils and spray paint!  Makes you want to be crafty... or maybe that's just me :D

Chasity had the amazing idea of doing a "Message in the bottle" guest book.  For each year for the first five years they had a bottle.  Each guest lovingly made notes, gave advice or encouragement for the bride and groom to open at each anniversary.

The bride's choice of Henkaa bridesmaid dresses allowed each bridesmaid have a dress they love and fit them perfectly!

Jake and Chasity's love of family yard games showed as you crossed their reception greeted by your choice of washer toss, horse shoes, ladder ball, Jumbo Jenga and the list goes on.  It was guaranteed to be a fun evening! 

From the moment their hands touched during the ceremony till they pulled away in the limo, Chasity and Jake had eyes only for each other.   It was so great to see Chasity and Jake's love shine!

In the months leading up to their wedding, Chasity and Jake and to maintain their relationship long distance and so they weren't able to practice their dance together.  In their separate cities they each practiced their dance but their first time dancing it together was on their wedding day.  I told Chasity the day of the wedding and I'm saying it again: it was so perfectly them; it was amazing!

They danced the night away.  Chasity and Jake don't let their life be anything less then they dream.  One of my favorite quotes of the day was from the bride, "When I see Jake I don't see his chair"  That one statement embodies their love and their life together.

The night was filled with celebrating and dancing the night away!

Thank you Chasity and Jake for the privilege of capturing you on your wedding day, it was a joy!

Catered by:  Papa Jack's Catering
Chairs and Tables: Classic Party Rentals
Jewelry: Holly McGyurt
Bride's Dress: David's Bridal
Cake: Jessi Norris
Invitations: Vista Print
Decor, lighting and flowers: DIY
Bridesmaid dress: Henkaa
Hair: Hair 180
Groom's Tux: Tommy Hilfiger
Groomsmen Tuxes: Men's Wearhouse

 Thank you to all the amazing vendors that made this wedding the success it was!

Live. Love. Loud.