Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A New Hit

Do you ever feel like your office is a little behind the times?  Cause... sometimes mine is actually made of straw!  Snapped this of my office at the last wedding.  

Yea, I know I'm silly... but that's how I like it!

Over the years I have changed some things in my business... and added some things.  Recently I have been trying something new.  The last few weddings I have added same day slideshows and it seems to be a hit!

What does that mean?  Well the day progresses as it usually would but during the dinner hour while the bride and groom and all the family and friends are enjoying their meals I sit down and I pull together about 40 images of the day up till that point.  I put them together on a slideshow and place my laptop in view of all the guest so that the bride, groom and all their guests can get a taste of the day up till this point!  

That way it doesn't take time away from any other photographic opportunities, cause let's face it no one wants a picture of them eating :D

That's what's new with me... or I guess what's new with "Rachel Abi" (on the photography front) What's new with you?

Live. Love. Loud.

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