Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Chris more than just my love: Second Shooter

I love shooting with Chris for oh so many different reasons (I am kind of fond of him... that's why I put him on "lock down" long ago).  The main reason however is how completely different he looks at life which allows my amazing couples to have a much more rounded photos from more than just one angle on those key moments! 

So I thought I would share a few of these moments:

Chris' view at the first look:

Just moments later, my view at the first look:

My view for the father handing off his lovely daughter to her husband:

 A moment later Chris' view:

I hope you all are enjoying your hump day!

Live. Love. Loud.


  1. I think you guys make a great pair! I loved and enjoyed all of your photo's of Brandi and Stephens Day!! You two really captured their story! Thank you both so much!! :)

  2. You're too sweet! We loved spending the day with all of you too!