Thursday, October 10, 2013

Confessions of a Photo-holic: Why all the love?

It is funny how life works.  It seems that all my closest friends live far away from me. And glutton for punishment that I am: a person I knew and liked but wasn't really friends with moved to Libera and now we are close!  In one of the letters we were sending back and forth Brianna asked me two questions:

Why do you love photography?  Why natural lighting?

I sat there with my curser blinking not sure where to begin.  My flooded with emotions and words but nothing cohesive in the end I was able to explain but it made me think how often people don't ask the obvious questions and how often we answer vaguely instead of with deep transparency.  So I decided to share my answers with you.

I love photography because it isn't like anything else. I have always loved art in all different forms but photography is the only that truly captures life. It is a part of life standing still. You literally get to freeze time.  I can look over the pictures of my childhood and close my eyes and remember the dim memory vividly for a second. When I was little I always wanted to be Peter Pan. To harness life for the joy and endless possibilities it is and photography is the way I do that. No, I unfortunately never found Neverland, though you can ask my family I definitely searched our family globe trying my best, I found something that breaths life into me. It is the most personal art there is... because it is part of your life. Not a part of it but literally part of it.

I love natural light. I think it is beautiful. I enjoy off camera lighting as well, it is very dynamic and allows for excellent photos but I prefer natural light because you don't get real moments when you are ready. The moments you remember aren't perfect... they aren't ready waiting for you they are dim and fleeting and the cloudy memories that flash to mind when the scent of pumpkin spice roams by...I love capturing those moments with vibrancy!

Live. Love. Loud.

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