Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Nature blows my mind sometimes.  I was outside the other day and I could keep from balking at the clouds in all their beauty.  It was like every kids idea.  As far as the eye could see was clouds of all different shapes, light refracting in a way it allowed for so many colors.  Made me think of laying back on a blanket and trying to figure out what each shape looked like.

Do you ever stop and wonder at the world around you?  I do.  I feel like I spend a large chuck of my time that way.  I mean take the eye for example.  How amazing is it!?  I take photos for a living and I never can quite capture the feeling or emotion of a moment... just taking it in.  I mean the camera has come a long way but no mater how beautiful a landscape photo is it doesn't' compare to the moment it was captured.  The human eye can see over a 180 degrees.  It allows for multi-focus or pinpoint.

(excuse the creepy photo: I figured photo was better then no)

How the eye works with the brain is like a perfect dance!  There is now lag, there is no hesitation.  There is no missing the moment.  In a flash you can go from staring at these words on this screen to gazing out on the horizon, each displayed in full clarity.  The amount of detail and intricacy in which the eye was created blows my mind.  I pride myself of being prepared for weddings (and in life if I can help it) and a part of that is thinking through things.  How they will go, might go, should go and do go.  You have to weight out all the options.  The brain power needed to think through how just an eye works... Understanding how it works blows my mind can you imagine being the one who thought it up?!?

These are the things I think about when I pick up my camera at the beginning of the day.  How amazing and wondrous we have been created!  How can I not celebrate?

Live. Love. Loud.

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