Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Local Finds and Fun

I love it when you come across amazing finds right next to your house. Chris and I have been making a point of taking in our life as much as possible, so this past week we took an afternoon and found a neat hiking park near us and took on the route.  Does anyone follow signs that say "Don't do ____"... maybe I'm the only one with authority issues but even if I didn't want to do it before I want to after seeing that sign!  Sand dunes are filled with crabs, sand fleas and spurs but when I see a sign oh how I'm temped... Just saying.

There was a definite: "Warning" sign somewhere on the hike... not going to disclose it's location but you might guess

 How beautiful is the over look of Chapel Hill!


Chris and I have been working out a lot recently but you still don't realize how out of shape you are till you hike uphill for an hour!  Winded much?

So much fun!

Take time this week and find something new and awesome about where you live!

Live. Love. Loud.

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