Friday, October 25, 2013

LOVES: Sticky and Delicious!

This past weekend we got to go up and see family and the worlds best friends.  We drove up the long and windy roads to find our way to the Virginia Mountains and apparently all the beautiful changing leaves!  I swear it was like  post card at every turn.  If you can and you have a weekend free you're going to want to make a drip over to the mountains and get a beautiful landscape view of all those fantastic colors!  To top it all off I got to meet one of my October goals:
Do something I have never done before:  Apple Picking!

It was crazy busy... like delicious! :D

One of my besties was there with her little tiny thing and so when you see an opportunity for cuteness you take it full fledged!

How beautiful it was! Even overcast it was beautiful and so big!

Okay so it was an amazing trip with a really neat store and tasty food... only issue with this map.  Hand drawn, completely disproportionate and when the lady handed over she explained that half the map was incorrect... you get the idea.  In my family that's called an adventure!

So in true foodie fashion you can't just get a little food... so here is our pile of goodies!

Chris testing out some of the goods

 Determined that if I pick the perfect Granny Smith apples then they will make themselves into the perfect pie.... OH and Apple Fritters!  OH I love Apple Fritters!

So here's to this weekend being as fabulous as this past weekend!  Which brings me to LOVES:

  • Apple picking...or maybe just apple cider doughnuts at the orchard
  • Getting time with amazing friends and family
  • Sewing projects: I love 
  • Making, thinking about and getting Christmas gifts... I know it is early but I love getting gifts!
  • Looking at changing leaves... I'm pretty sure I could just drive around the mountains for hours... well so long as there was a PSL in my hand :D
  • Freeing the house of clutter
  • Pie pie and more pie... in almost any variety!
  • Christmas sections in any store... I know I'm crazy but I loves me some Christmas! :D

Live. Love. Loud.

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