Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October GOALS

There is beauty in starting over.  The idea of starting a fresh, no past errors or issues laying out before you drowning your conscious for its possible progress or possibility.  The reality isn't actually there but if we can disconnect just long enough to forgive ourselves how much more could we accomplish?  Or maybe I'm the only one who struggles with forgiving myself...

Which brings us to Goals...

Last month I failed miserably at actually accomplishing my goals and I swore that I wouldn't do the same this month and I thankfully didn't!  All the same I do think I need to put my goals in a more prominent location so I am reminded each day of the promise I have laid out for myself.

September's Goals:

Professional Goals:
  • Daily posts on blog (m-f)
  • Keep up return on photos being by 4 weeks
  • Rewatch Restart to refresh and motivate
  • Attend Wedding Photographic Society’s monthly meeting
  • Spend an hour each week  focused on getting better mastering on lighting
  • (From last month: Buy Photoshop)

Personal Goals:
  • Be better organized and less convoluted (ie: only one goals list this month)
  • Find time each day, no matter the length, to spend with God
  • Eat at least one vegetable and two fruits each day.
  • Two days a week do my upper thigh and lower ab workout
  • Two days a week do some cardiovascular exercise
  • Go on one date with Chris
  • Finish all goals (I get this is a gimme goal but I just like crossing things off )
Phew! I'm so glad that I didn't have come back failing a second month in a row... I'm not sure I could face you (are there a you out there?... sometimes I don't feel like I am writing to anyone other than my husband)

Onward and upward! I don't like having the same goals each month... at a certain point the goals just become the normal everyday things you should be doing. Instead I like goals to push and shove you to do things that aren't easy but are still doable.

My October Goals:

Professional Goals:
  • Submit a wedding to a wedding blog
  • Submit photos to a competition
  • Go to a meeting with other vendors (photographic or otherwise)
  • Take time to invest in other art: inspiration
  • Solidify a direction for promo video: Narrative?  Silent? Etc. 
  • Have at least three videos under each category: Cinematography, lighting, story, and heart
  • Identify specific location/businesses in Hawaii I want to contact while there
  • Layout a game plan for how I can help each business personally

Personal Goals:
  • Continue on the steady (at least four days a week) exercise.
  • Find time each day, no matter the length, to spend with God
  • Eat more protein
  • Bake something heathy...ish? instead of always regular baking
  • Two days a week do some cardiovascular exercise
  • Go on an active date with Chris
  • Do something I have never done before

Eeek. Here's to another month with every goal crossed off the list! What are you goals this month? What is your dream and what are you doing today to help you accomplish it?

Live. Love. Loud.

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