Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Tutor not Teacher.

I have never thought of myself as teacher.  I'm one of those people who lacks patience... or at least the patience it takes to work with 30 kids and not be missing patches of my hair.  For this more than any other perfectly evident reason I respect teachers and all they do.  That said I love teaching.  Not too long ago my extremely artist niece texted me and asked if I could show her the ropes of photography. She is an artist trying to branch out to find full "voice".  So I took her and her sister out to a local park to play around with some cameras.

For anyone who has known Fi in the last I don't know 3 years this is what you see... pretty much all the time, much like any other teenage girl in the 21st century she is in constant contact with her friends voicing her thoughts and feelings via text.  Fiona's picture is listed under introvert.  She loves people but mostly at a distance but when she let's you see her fully the beauty that you can see at a glance doesn't compare to the full view.

Chloe, in contrast to Fiona, is extroverted and loves to be the center of attention! Chloe is also one of the most encouraging people I have ever met.  She will be with me when I blast the radio loud and rock out to whatever plays across my radio and at the end of a song she turns to me and says "I think you would make it to the finally of 'The Voice'."  Just so all "ya'll" know I am not that good.  I mean don't get me wrong I could definitely participate in my church choir but I'm not about to bust out on a vocal rift... or if I did you would have to laugh.  

(picture thanks to my super sweet niece: Chloe)

I wasn't sure how I would do.  I was intimidated at the prospect.  Kept thinking what if I confuse them?  Fi is applying to an art school and is trying to build up her portfolio with these pictures?!  I realized fairly quickly that I was being ridiculous but it doesn't help the moment of insecurity that sparked. 

(photo compliments to my quietly artistic niece: Fiona)

 There was no need for concern long before we made it to the park I was at ease and shaking my head at my silly fear.  If nothing else they learned more from me than they knew before.  They each took to the camera pretty well.  It was fun to see their natural inclination to completely different styles.  Fiona in her true loner self pulled off for loads of nature shots, close ups and details.  Chloe was all about people.  She kept trying to get a natural shot of Fiona but have Fi look at the camera... "no, just smile normally!"  To any and all of you out there having taken any photos of anyone (ie: everyone in the world) you can feel Chloe's pain.  It is the hardest part of photography of people: getting people to be themselves, real, relaxed: beautiful as they are.

In the end it made me ponder the idea of doing classes...    Not sure if there would be interest but it was nice to know that my knowledge could be shared and help others!

Live. Love. Loud. 

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