Monday, November 18, 2013

Equipment: The Party: 35mm 1.8

I sat at my computer everyday looking over sales hoping for the prices to drop miraculously.  They never did but time did pass enough for me to save and grab myself the much needed 35mm 1.8.  This has become a new favorite of mine.  It is the lens equivalent to what your eye sees... not really cause eyes are pretty amazing but close as a camera comes, for the most part.

I love this lens for getting ready, because even if I am in a tight space I have more wiggle room to get different shots and angles without climbing out onto a ledge (though I have been tempted sometimes :D).  As I mentioned before I love "Fast" lenses (meaning lenses that have wider apertures and thus allowing more light in) because it allows me more freedom to capture the moment with natural light.  Though the 1.8 isn't as large as the 1.4 (I know the numbering seems backwards but think golf rules and it will make it easier) it does allow much of the same freedoms.

What has become my new favorite time to use my 35mm is at receptions.  I love its ability to get more of the room at once.  To get the feel/vibe of the dance floor.  To get the family gathered around waiting for the cake to be smashed or dainty fed.  Unlike the 50mm which gives you great portraits, the 35mm is key for getting natural 

Live. Love. Loud.

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