Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Fabulously you= Unforgettable

One of my favorite things about wedding photography is getting to know people.  I mean really getting to know people.  I love coming away from a wedding not only having captured you on your wedding day but to have made your day a raging success that bleeds you!  I want to make every aspect of your day run smoothly and if I can wrangle it gain a friendship out by the end. 

Being from a large family "shy" isn't a word that I can say has been associated with me.  I like the idea but I could never manage to try it.  I love to use my gifts of relating to people to make them at ease and be themselves so that their pictures will come out not only natural but fabulous as they are!

My goal at a wedding is simple: I want your wedding to be a day that the most stress free, amazing and unforgettable day of your life (at least up until that point... I don't want to have a completely unrealistic goal ;).  What is the goal of your wedding day to you?

Live. Love. Loud.

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