Monday, November 4, 2013

Goals: November Edition

Maybe it is only me but I LOVE to do lists. I feel like when I have a "to do list" then I could take over the world. I feel like I get so much done. I don't know what it is... I guess it is taking something you might already be doing but helping you see it. I want to know what I have done. The next time you have a day when you don't feel like you got a lot done call a redo day and write a to do list. You'll be surprised how much you got done without evening noticing and how much more you can get done by having the goals.

Which brings me to my November Goals... cause let's face it Goals should be like fancy to do lists. No picking things that are unachievable and no picking things you would do anyway (notice I don't put brush my teeth or shower... cause if I wasn't doing those things naturally the humans around me would lynch me... I got really bad morning breath!)

My November Goals:

Professional Goals:
  • Submit another wedding to a different publication
  • Start planning out my packaging designs
  • Do a "Fall" photo shoot
  • Contact Videographer with ideas for Promo Video 
  • Connect with one professional in Hawaii/ do one photo shoot
  • Finish decorating my work space
  • Photography a wedding in Hawaii!

Personal Goals:
  • Decorate for Christmas!!!!! ( I know I'm crazy)
  • Pull out Christmas gifts, make a plan for what I need to still get
  • Eat an awful amount of pumpkin pie!
  • Try and be good about eating healthy 5 days a week (despite the holidays)
  • Use fruit to quench my sugar urges... at least some of the time
  • Spend at least 10 min set aside time with God 5 days a week
  • Pack for Hawaii
  • Enjoy HAWAII!!!!
  • Do something I have never done before (cause it is too much fun to try new things... pretty sure this goal is staying for a while)
  • Celebrate Chris' birthday in style

My October Goals:

Professional Goals:
  • Submit a wedding to a wedding blog
  • Submit photos to a competition
  • Go to a meeting with other vendors (photographic or otherwise)
  • Take time to invest in other art: inspiration
  • Solidify a direction for promo video: Narrative?  Silent? Etc. 
  • Have at least three videos under each category: Cinematography, lighting, story, and heart
  • Identify specific location/businesses in Hawaii I want to contact while there
  • Layout a game plan for how I can help each business personally

Personal Goals:
  • Continue on the steady (at least four days a week) exercise.
  • Find time each day, no matter the length, to spend with God   (it got half crossed off cause I didn't do this everyday but I couldn't bring myself to leave it fully uncrossed off)
  • Eat more protein
  • Bake something heathy...ish? instead of always regular baking
  • Two days a week do some cardiovascular exercise
  • Go on an active date with Chris
  • Do something I have never done before

What goals do you have for the amazing fall month of November?

Live. Love. Loud.

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