Friday, November 1, 2013

LOVES: Behind the Times

I know I am five years late to this party but OMG I'm in love with The Voice!  I got Chris adicted too, which is the bestest because I force him to snuggle on the couch as we enjoy either PSL or some other fall snacks and try and predict what will happen in the episode.  I'm on Team Adam, I love how snarky he is and his blunt and completely accurate tips he gives! I'm pretty sure Chris is a CeeLo fan but who can blame him have you read CeeLo's tweets... makes me laugh!

They are so amazingly fun!

YES!  I want to wear this always... not for realsies :D

Which brings me to my LOVES this week:

  • Dressing up... for any reason
  • Candy.  Why does it taste so amazing?
  • Surprise visits from my amazing Sister
  • Knitting cause lets face it with fall comes yarn
  • Resisting the urge to decorate for Christmas till at least after Halloween!
  • Not cooking this week because we have too many take out boxes in the fridge
  • The Voice!  So amazingly game-y

LOVES LOVES LOVES my sister!  Tell me again why you moved away from me?  No really?  Why?

Live. Love. Loud.

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  1. Um, because I LOVES LOVES LOVES my husband. Don't worry--I still LOVES x3 you, too. Miss you, and miss fall! We will get that Anne of Green Gables fall day in . . . maybe next fall??? <3