Friday, November 8, 2013

LOVES Silly = Awesome

I love when all the leaves change.  I'm telling you there isn't much like it.  I could live anywhere but man if that location didn't have changing leaves let's just say I'd be making visits to see family in the fall... always! :D  That said: when I was a child I remember reading this book at the library about fall leaves.  It was the story of one leaf.  The first bloom of bold green and its arrogant attitude of taking on the world to being out-shined by flowers and pouting to the heat of summer and finally the overjoy it felt at becoming such a bold beautiful orange... till the sad finish where the wind was its enemy and with each gust I tried its hardest to hold on but finally the poor leaf's strength was no match for the harsh gush... since reading that story I can't be but a bit sad with each leave that falls... In my head they each have a name.  So I'm sorry Pete that you had to die... but know it was for a good cause: that Frosty might come alive!

For this weeks LOVES:

  • Changing leaves... Ignoring the part where they die soon after this... Honestly I'm pretending that doesn't happen :D
  • Winter's nip... makes me want to snuggle next to a fire and eat baked goods... not so great for a diet but I guess "blubber" is a good thing in the winter! 
  • My job.  No kidding I am so blessed to be doing (even if it is only part time right now) what I love to do.  I get to meet and get to know the most amazing couples and help them have the best wedding day I can possibly manage... I am so blessed!
  • My husband, he deals with my crazy far too much... I mean really who gets stressed out about going on vacation but crazy me!  
  • To Do lists: I'm telling you it is the only way I can manage my crazy to any degree... I'm in love with To Do lists... Oh and Label makers (I'd label Chris if he'd let me!)
  • Making Chris' life because I finally laughed at a Cat meme (See photo above)
  • Ginger dressing... and maybe even the salad it should come on :D
  • How unapologetic November is about the number of people born in it.  They did the math...
  • The amazing trip Chris and I are about to enjoy.  Prediction: it's going to be AMAZING!  (I'm determined)
  • The Lovely Find: and not just cause they featured me...
  • oh yea... that's right GETTING FEATURED!

Live. Love. Loud.

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