Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Nikon D700

My first camera was an old broken down Olympus that was once my moms (if we aren't counting disposables).  It was super high tech in its day I'm sure but when I got it I could care less about its ancient and worn exterior I was too in love with the fact I could now take pictures.  I saved and saved for film (do you remember those days). I  would stand in the aisle for hours trying to figure out what the numbers of the film meant, "Um, 700 sounds more expensive then 100?" A kind older lady came over and helped me, I'm sure it had something to do with my severely knit brow of utter bewilderment.

Years past of me shooting my heart out and my wallet empty till I was gifted my next upgrade.  It was my first nice camera.  It had all the bells and whistles but was till film.  My Nikon N40.  When I unwrapped it I could have promised you angels were singing!  I had no idea how to use it but I didn't care.  I was terrified to use anything other than the auto mode.

It wasn't until after a close friend of ours was getting married and, much like us: was poor as poor can be, had me take their wedding pictures that I finally moved to a digital camera.  Years past as did the different models of my cameras till I came across my new camera and love.

I love this camera because it allows me to take pictures just the way I want to.  I focus on using natural lighting and the high ISO (ability to let light into the picture) along side my quick glass (wide openings again letting in lots of light) that make my natural lighting style to work.  It cost me life and limb after saving FOREVER for it but it was and is so worth it.  

I'm sure as time progresses I will have move on but right now I can't imagine being happier with the foundation of my equipment if I tried! 

Live. Love. Loud.

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