Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Equipment: Pass

One of my favorite pieces of equipment is actually not a piece of camera equipment but the way I am able to get all my couples pictures to them.  PASS.  It is an amazing online storage of your images.  Included with each and every package is one year with PASS.  This means that instead of a CD that, if you are anything like me, can be lost, you get to have all your images a click away and stored safely for a year!  

The options when viewing your gallery are seemingly endless!  With one click my couples can download all their high resolution photos or just pick and choose which they prefer.  With one click they can share the whole gallery or select photos over to Facebook, or Instagram.  My couples can order professional quality prints directly from their PASS gallery or star their favorites for all their families to see!  They can share the link with anyone they would like but their photos are protected from just anyone downloading them because only those with a VIP PASS can download high quality images!

PASS allows me to focus my attention on my clients and anything they might need.  It allows my couples freedom.  Freedom to choose any and all or no products.  If my couples want to print their own images or use the professional printing service I offer or if they want a high quality wedding album... it is all up to my couples and their needs or desires and PASS allows me to be there for each and ever step!

Anything that allows me to focus more of my time spending time with my couples and serving their needs is perfect for all that I want to do!

Live. Love. Loud.

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