Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Hectic, Crazy and My Month in Pictures

Do you ever have one of those nights were everything seems to go wrong?  I had one of those nights last night.  I watched my brother's kids, and let me tell you his wife is a saint, if it wasn't a kid slamming his finger in a door it was another trying to jump off the top bunk.  I mean my brother and his wife are pretty laid back about the kids, but I guess with four you would have to be :D

That said, I feel that hectic crazy feeling that I had last night sometimes when I am trying to do work.  Not so much when I'm with my amazing couples but when I'm at home going through editing the pictures and trying to get the albums done perfectly and also keep the house from looking like a tornado and small stampede hit it...

That said: living with a little crazy can be a bit much so I don't know if this would work out there for most of you but I like to turn the music up loud and dance around my home for a moment forgetting the list of things and what order they were supposed to be in again?

Live. Love. Loud.

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