Friday, December 27, 2013

Lingering Desires

With over 30 Christmas movies down and a seemingly endless supply that haven't been touched I sometimes wonder why Christmas can't just linger a little longer...

That face is the one Chris has when I ask about keeping our Christmas decorations up till Valentines Day!

Which brings me to...


  • Time with family... chaotic and amazing
  • Pies... all of them
  • Wrapping Paper... it is all so beautiful... do you think that wrapping my furniture would be too strange?
  • My Christmas light necklace!  I know it is stupid silly but I love it and I totally wear it till the new year (you got to take advantage as long as you can!)
  • Advent Calendars: Chris introduced them to me and I love them and all their fun it makes you focus the whole month long!
  • Delayed Christmas: sometimes with multiple families and then our own Christmas we get to have Christmas late, which means I get to stay all Christmas-y for longer! (Hence this basically LOVES: Christmas Edition Cont :D )
  • Shipping: it is amazing the things you can ship like snakes and butterflies... it's for real look it up!
  • All you who take the time to read all my silly ramblings

I hope this week has been filled with LOVES for you and if it hasn't, remember you can always make it turn around!

Live. Love. Loud.

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