Friday, December 20, 2013

LOVES: Christmas Edition

As each day brings Christmas closer I have mixed feelings.  This December has been busy and so I have struggled off and on with feeling Christmas.  All the fun and festivities will be amazing but it also means it ends... I love change I just don't like the transition so for now I will revel in all things Christmas

Which brings me to LOVES:

  • Christmas lights, I'm telling you it is like a bit of heaven!
  •  Stuffing/Dressing depending on your family.  I get it is just bread but SO amazing!
  • Wrapping presents with Christmas music playing loudly but not as loudly as I sing it!
  • Walking hand in hand with Chris just about anywhere but all the better when there is a nip in the air
  • New adventures... they don't always look appealing but they are always challenging!
  • Mistletoe... I never see it or use it but the idea is so nice
  • Snow: This past weekend we got to run up to VA and saw some beautiful big fluffy flakes... Oh NC please let it snow!
  • Christmas Cards: Mine has a little snowman with squint-y eyes... because he is so happy his eyes can't stay open! :D
  • The idea of Christmas cookies... they are so fun to make but sadly I don't think they often taste good.. but that's probably because I'm making them :D
  • Everything Harry Potter... In my mind they are really Christmas movies...

I mean really how can you not be in love!?!

Live. Love. Loud.

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