Friday, December 6, 2013

LOVES: Hawaii: Our Adventure

It took five years but it might have been worth the wait.  Chris and I have always been in cycle of money but not time or time but no money when it comes to vacation.  Whenever we had our limited time off it was time to visit this family or that and so five years in and we had yet to take vacation.  I should clarify here: I don't count visiting family as vacation.  Vacation with family totally counts... I just feel like if you go to someone's house they are still in work mode and you never get the "relaxation" that vacation brings... or maybe that's just me.

Chris and I used the most of our long stay on Oahu.  We spend almost every morning taking on a new hike including the KoKo Head hike up the old rail ties.  We didn't spend much time in Waikiki or Honolulu but instead all around the other ends of the island...

While we were there we had some amazing waves on the north shore so we drove up to see those who would brave the 20 to 30 foot waves.  It was amazing to see these men take on the water monsters.  I have braved 12 foot waves before for some body surfing and I felt like those where huge... I can't imagine 20 or 30 ft!  But it was great to see them in all their skills!

On the way up to a light house look out and Chris lovingly let me snap a shot of him, yes a photographer's husband and he still hates pictures!

One of the overlooks towards "Goat" and "Rabbit" island.

So Chris had more than a deep love of video games and this particular hike was very special to him because of an "interactive experience" (I say this because Chris corrected me when I called it a video game) Chris had gone through called "Dear Ester" which you wander and explore an island and it looked much like the off path hike that we took down the mountain. 

I had never seen roots like this... so much of the island is picturesque that I can't do it justice.  I wish I were a landscape photographer so that I could due better at capturing the life that is this land.

So I have admitted my OCD's before but I will tell you another one that I have that is rather strange.  You know how some tree breeds peel... I have always wanted to peel all their bark off at once... I mean it is asking for it already?  It is literally pulling back... I think that is an invitation (Chris says that isn't so).  Well there are these trees that peel themselves!  I determined right then and there if you could be besties with a tree this tree and I are it!

While there I determined that H2 was my favorite road.  It is the most beautiful highway drive ever.  You litterally have views in all directions!  A few days after our first drive on H2 we got to go on another hike and this one we got to be a part of those views we saw from our car!

It was the rainy season... so it was SUPER muddy...

On one of our last nights we took a sunset cruise around Diamond Head.

Our last morning before flight day and we went snorkeling at dawn... I'm not a morning person but the being 5 hours behind really helps with that!

The last time my mother and Grandmother were in Hawaii was with their daughter and sister that died earlier this year so I told them that we had to recreate the picture they had with her before we left.  

I think the beauty of Oahu is that you can have an adventure if you want adventure or you can have a spa and shopping vacation all in one spot.  Or if you're feeling really adventurous and you have the time both?

But I think one of my favorite things about our trip was the chance to photograph Susan and Brad's wedding and Kelly and Jack's Engagement photos. It was amazing to get to meet both these couples let alone get a chance to be a part of such an important part of their lives!

So after that long amount of ranting and making people long for their coming vacations: brings me to LOVES:

Taking the time to wind down and enjoy a moment
Hiking, it has been too long my dear friend
Water... I know it is silly but main is water amazing... or maybe I'm just thirsty?
Friends close or far: I love you, each and every one
Hawaii.. Cause let's face it where else can you find an Island with mountains, the beach, and waterfalls that doesn't get hit with hurricanes?  (or at least often)
Christmas... I mean CHRISTMAS!  So I might be a bit too obsessed... if that is possible... I have my doubts
The perfect present: I love thinking on a person and coming up with the perfect gift!  
Christmas lights... let's be serious God created them so that we could know what joy is... or maybe that's just me lol

Okay so I think I may have over Christmas'ed you by now so I will leave you with:

What is your favorite part of this season?

Live. Love. Loud.

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