Friday, December 13, 2013

LOVES on a "HATES" week...

I'm all about some positiviity on the internet. Everywhere I turn there is something terrible or someone complaining, and I get it. Life is hard and we, as people don't make it easier sometimes. But some weeks, not usually on the day I'm writing my "LOVES" post, I really want to post a "HATES" instead. Sadly this week was one of those weeks.

When I stop and think about my life as an over all I don't see how I can complain. I have a husband who is nicer than I am, friends near and far that take their time to spend some with me, I have a job I love and for goodness sake I just last month was in Hawaii for work and pleasure! I mean thinking about it that way makes my issues seem so trivial... but in those moments of deep seeded anger, hurt and just plain irratation no matter of "small" matters. So I get the negativity that is around us... I just choose to actively not foster it here.

So my challenge for any and all who where having a "HATES" week make a list of LOVES anyway! (On contrast: sarcasm, at least for me, is always accepted and enjoyed!)

Which brings me to LOVES:

  • Last minute schedule changes... (bit of Sarcasm there... in case it wasn't super clear :D)
  • Weekends spent with friends ever edging towards closer friendship!
  • Tuna Salad: I've been addicted lately, I used to be super cautious because of the "mercy" but I was told it's okay as long as you get "Light"... so I've been making up for lost time
  • OJ Pops? Anyone else raised in a home stuck in the 80's? Cause we did homemade pops all the time: just got back into it and OJ pops are AMAZING!
  • Taking a slow day to enjoy the season: Don't know about the rest of you but December is always crammed full of activities and trips and good things that turn into making the "feeling" of Christmas go by the way side... and all you who know me know I'm more than a little crazy for Christmas and the nostalgic feelings are part of what makes it awesome!
  • For loves that are more or less (more, "more" not really any "less") paragraphs instead of quick lines... I blame this on lack of sleep
  • Christmas lights: no matter the night it can make me smile and let go if only for a moment
  • Laying on your back under the tree looking up at all the years of ornaments and the twinkling lights... makes me feel like a kid again!
  • Dutch butter cookies: they are dangerous around me cause I'm pretty sure I bought a half dozen tins last year... EEK!
For any and all of you out there having a less then "LOVES" week: if you only have time for 5 minutes that will do but just take a moment to stop and breath. Roll your shoulders back. If you're like me, let a Christmas song play before you jump back into the list of seemingly hundreds of things left to do!

May this coming week be slow and relaxing at unexpected moments for us all!

Live. Love. Loud.

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