Monday, December 2, 2013

Ramblings and Goals

Thanksgiving weekend is always filled with so much. When I finish I don't quite feel like I had a weekend. It is still great to see family and when we can friends. With my family it is loud... lots of loud and lots of food.. Chris' family is filled with SO MUCH football. I wasn't raised watching football... I get lost. Chris calls the play when the quarter back fakes the hand off to the ?running back?? a "Play action"... I say it is a trick play cause I always get confused as to where the ball is and spend the though time trying to find the ball. 

I do however like looking at the costumes (yes, I know they are called "uniforms" but let's be serious they are costumes). This year I can however say, for a first time mind you, that I am glad to have seen at least part of a football game: among the seemingly hundreds of games that were on we watched Alabama loose to Auburn because they tried to finished the game off with a "game winning" field goal but it fell short and some guy (#11) on Auburn's team ran it from one end zone to the other... I could have missed the rest of the game but that was super fun to see! So there Chris! I have one football related thing I am glad to have seen... ONE!

Don't get me wrong... I don't take issue with others love of Football... just I want to be a part of it. I do love Hockey though... does that make up for it?

On a completely different note: I'm so excited that by all accounts I can be openly excited about Christmas and no one can judge my love! Here I come Christmas lights and wandering the Christmas section of every store that Chris will let me drag him too... Yes, that is on my goals list!

My November Goals:

Professional Goals:
  • Submit another wedding to a different publication
  • Start planning out my packaging designs (Contacted professional: I'm at a loss)
  • Do a "Fall" photo shoot
  • Contact Videographer with ideas for Promo Video 
  • Connect with one professional in Hawaii/ do one photo shoot (contacted but fell through :(    )
  • Finish decorating my work space
  • Photography a wedding in Hawaii!

Personal Goals:
  • Decorate for Christmas!!!!! ( I know I'm crazy)
  • Pull out Christmas gifts, make a plan for what I need to still get
  • Eat an awful amount of pumpkin pie!
  • Try and be good about eating healthy 5 days a week (despite the holidays)
  • Use fruit to quench my sugar urges... at least some of the time
  • Spend at least 10 min set aside time with God 5 days a week
  • Pack for Hawaii
  • Enjoy HAWAII!!!!
  • Do something I have never done before (cause it is too much fun to try new things... pretty sure this goal is staying for a while)
  • Celebrate Chris' birthday in style

December Goals

Professional Goals:
  • Plan out 2014 Yearly Goals
  • Edit and get all photos back to clients within goal times
  • Connect with other Wedding Professional(s)
  • Find another style photographer to follow
  • Get equipment professionally cleaned

Personal Goals:
  • Try and keep active at least 3 days a week
  • Spend time investing in my long distance relationship
  • Send Christmas Cards
  • Keep Secrets from Chris about gifts
  • Go on a Christmas Date with Chris
  • Force Chris into at least 4 different store's Christmas sections

Live. Love. Loud.

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