Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Susan and Brad: Kailua Beach Hawaii: An Intimate Affair

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About two months before heading to Hawaii I got an email from Susan.  A small intimate wedding celebrating her and Brad's love and new life together.  I was overjoyed at the chance to capture their special day.

Susan and Brad met through a combination of mutual friends and Facebook.  I loved hearing their story and how unique it is...I told them they were a perfectly modern couple!  In a fast pace world that only seems to get more busy they made time to not only meet but get to fall for each other over distance and space.  They way each looks at the other makes your breath catch.

Just moments before their wedding started was the first time I met dear Susan and her amazing best friend. Though after all our talks over email I felt like I was meeting a friend for coffee!  They had all the details worked out and were ready for the beautiful beach front wedding.

I couldn't help but help but add this one in there.  The room that Susan got ready in didn't have any mirrors and to any brides out there you know how hard that is so they used what they had!

Susan got the cutest WOOD flowers from Etsy's The Blooming Corner.

They couldn't have picked more beautiful spot.  Secluded and alone on this strip of beach Susan and Brad started their life to the sounds of the surf crashing over volcanic rock and sand.

The whole service they had eyes for only each other.  I swear if eyes could talk they would be singing like the birds in any number of Disney cartoons...

Susan you chose well!  Brad is such a sweetheart and loves you so much!

I mean goodness girl!

Susan you are stunning!  I'm pretty sure if sun kissing skin is a thing it was lovin' on you! 

Nothing better then close friends sharing a moment of joy over a glass of sparkly! 

And nothing quite like sharing laughter with close friends!

Thanks to everyone who made Susan and Brad's day so special and a special thanks to the vendors that chipped in!

Videographer: Jesse E. Untalan
Bride's Jewelry: Charming Charlie

Live. Love. Loud.

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