Friday, January 31, 2014

LOVES-in on some Gingers

Harry Potter | Weasley Pillows | Rachel Abi Photography So I know everyone thinks they are married to the worlds best husband but I'm married to my worlds best husband (meaning I don't know if you and he would work but he totally gets me and is AMAZINGLY sweeter than I am).  So because of "announcements" to family and the holidays we didn't get to do our Christmas exchange till mid January.  Chris gave me the worlds best gift... and he MADE IT!

I'm more than a little in love with the world of Harry Potter, when Chris and I went down to see Universal's version I told Chris we should just move down and live in the unused upstairs of one of the shops type of crazy about it.  Of all the characters some of my favorites are Fred and George Weasley... and Chris made me them!  As pillows and as we all know pillows are every expanding woman's best friend and now they are not just any pillows but amazingly cute pillows!

Which brings me to my LOVES...

Lemonade... just always needs more lemons!
Snow... if only we had more!
Unexpected days with Chris... and So much reading :D
Finally getting our Bradley Class nailed down!
Free baby stuff: you may not have gotten this by now but I LOVES me some free things
Time with friends even if it is short
Sour Skittles!!  And I'm telling your right now if you know where they sell them in the RDU area and you're not telling me we cannot be friends
My amazing husband and the worlds best gift he made me!!!!!

I hope this week has been filled with many amazing things for you and that this weekend is filled with blissful moments!

Live. Love. Loud.

Thursday, January 30, 2014


NC Snow | Snow Days | Rachel Abi Photography So... you know you had a good snow day when....

You forget to post.  So confession: I completely forgot I needed to write a post.  What exciting things did you do on your snow day?  I took mine in true adult fashion, a nice cold walk followed by tea and a good book!

Here's to more snow!

Live. Love. Loud.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Enjoying all the Small Moments

Joy in the Small Things | Take a moment to breath | Rachel Abi Photography Taking the day to enjoy what all the hype was about: the snow!  What do you do on your snow days?  I plan on a good book, hot chocolate and snuggling on the couch... that and a nice long cold walk and maybe a snow ball fight.

Each day we only get once what will you do today to make it different... to make it one of a kind in your memories?

Live. Love. Loud.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

No Snow: Day

Snuggle Days | Silly NC | Rachel Abi Photography Got to love on some NC!  No snow on the ground and we still get snow days.  I'm looking forward to the chance of it but got to shake my head and laugh a bit.

Sounds like the perfect day to work on my website!  Going to enjoy my productive yet snuggly day :D

Live. Love. Loud.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Challenge Accepted

Challenge Accepted | Don't wallow in discontentment | Rachel Abi Photography Each year I have to think through my business.  Think through where I am, how I got here, where I am going and how I will get there.  The idea is always simple enough but I get overwhelmed.

I feel like I should have done and I'm not further along my goals.  I get weighed down by the goals of the future. Wondering if they will be possible, if I will fail and I fall at a loss at times when coming up with practical steps to make the goals a reality.  So: standard issues everyone has... or if you don't struggle with this please leave me in the bliss of thinking that everyone struggles with this.

If I let myself I find myself wallowing in a silly pool of discontentment and procrastination... which of course becomes a circular issue. To do lists and bouncing ideas of a good friend are my saving grace.  

Why do I share this?  Just because a dream is hard to achieve doesn't mean it isn't worth while.  If you truely want something it isn't going to be easy, it isn't going to be natural.  There will be sacrifices and lots of hard work but if you really want a dream don't let the hard things, discouragement and other people stand in your way.  Make it happen.  One step at a time.

You can make a dream a reality... it just won't be easy.  Challenge accepted.

Live. Love. Loud.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Farms, bugs, N' LOVES

I feel like a Paul Bunniun each winter.  I'm not sure if everyone else does this but every winter I break out all my stews, soups, and chili.  The only thing missing is me wearing lots of plaid and the actual ability to chop wood.... and have that do anything.  So I guess I'm nothing like Paul Bunnion and his Blue Ox but man do I look cute in some plaid!  And that's the same right?

I met this amazing couple the other day.  They are engaged and their dream is to one day own their own farm.  They spent the last year learning some of the trade secrets from a fellow farmer and are moving to this area to pick up more knowledge for their future dream.  Their skill set is amazing.  I always thought living off the land seemed like such a wonderfully green existence.  I mean to know all of your foods and to get them so fresh and perfect.  I mean it sounds so great but the reality is something that I'm not sure I could handle.  I'm sad a bit to admit it but I really think it is true.  Example: I went to an orchard and picked apples and freaked out at the spiders, to be fair they were crawling on me.  I don't like dirt under my nails... the fact I have nails?  The complete lack of upper body strength... I mean it really is sad.  Not quite as sad as my complete lack of ability to jump.  Legit, if we meet ask.  There is no way it doesn't end with you laughing your tail off!

Which brings me to  this weeks LOVES:

  • Label makers... they just make you feel more organized holding them!
  • Iced Coffee: pretty sure it is the way God intended all coffee to be enjoyed
  • All the amazing people that make my eating possible!
  • Moving: forces you to rid your home of anything unnecessary
  • All the amazing support of all those around us: so many offers to babysit.  Fair warning to those who offered: you will be taken up so if you want to retract now is the time :D  I'm making a list... 
  • Crazy weather: forces you to live spontaneously... even if you don't want to 
  • A weekend spent at home: so much of the time Chris and I are so busy on weekends between travel and photography that we often have month that go by without much time to relax and be for a moment or two. 
  • Skittles... I'm pretty sure I would literally look like Hammy from Over the Hedge if it started raining skittles... that and I would grab an umbrella, getting pelted with skittles would hurt!
What are your LOVES this week?

Live. Love. Loud.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Confessions of a Wallower

What does success look like?  I know I think at some point ____ will happen and I'll feel there.  As if I made it... but the more I live the more I really feel like success is being able to deal with the day to day and enjoy life in light of all of it.

If I don't take the time to be thankful for where I am now will I later when I have more and I am busier (cause let's face it you never have both time and money ... unless you retire... maybe?).  One photographer that I quite enjoy as a person and who has faced up to her mistakes in a very responsible way recently posted on trying to get herself out of a funk.  She stated that when she tried to get herself out she often used activities that focused on her and her desires and how that never seemed to lift her up.  She recently started volunteering and how she found joy with her shift of focus.

I thought that was such a nice reminder.  How much of the time do we want to feel better and focus on what makes up our lives and how we want things... I don't know about you but when I do this I don't often feel satisfied.  It is one of the reasons I love Christmas.  I was raised with gifts not just being things you give but if you are going to give a gift but a time for you to focus on the person you are giving it two and what they might enjoy, what makes they joyful, what they love... it is a season where the focus is on loving others as they are for who they are.

So I am going to take a lesson out of the giving book: when I feel down this week instead of wallowing as I love to do I will instead think of a way I can give of myself or my time to help another.

I hope this week is filled with joy and celebration but if you have lull in all that amazing... give it a try and see if it works for you too!

Live. Love. Loud.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Truths Not Often Told

I don't know about all of you but all through the planning process of my wedding I had all my friends telling me that I should do whatever I liked and that the wedding was all about me.  But the reality I kept getting hit in the face with was quite the opposite.

It is the start of a life time of two families learning to share and thus... often comes with it's clashes... unless you are among the super blessed (to which all the rest of us are super jealous :D).  It is a celebration for sure but often I found that I needed to cave to what would be best for all those around me then what exactly it was that I wanted.

It isn't a bad thing but it is a rude awakening from the glamorous idea of being able to follow our every whim!  Don't be discouraged ( you're not alone!) if you are at times following a "rocky" path of planning.  In the end it will be an amazing day if only for it is the first day of your new life!

There are certain decisions that you should be sure to lay claim to what you want.  Each bride/couple has different things that are close to their hearts.  One of those for me was my photographer.  There is no one else on a wedding day you will see as much as your wedding photographer.  You won't see you bridesmaids as much, you won't see the groom as much... you are with this person for hours and hours for the most important day of your life.

For me, both as a bride and now as a photographer, it is one of the  most important decisions to make: not only that you like the person's work but also who they are/their personality.  If you love their work but find them annoying... their work won't keep you company for 8 hours on your wedding day.  There are lots of wedding photographers who have beautiful work (I know I know I am a wedding photographer telling you there are other options but let's be honest there SO are).  You just need to figure out which of those great photographers, which fit your desires, that you also enjoy or at least easily tolerate their company.

Some people don't like me... I know I just shocked you to your very core!  But some people don't like me, and no matter if they love my work it doesn't help them because there is no way that they want me there for every moment of their once in a life time day.

So here's my question to you:  To those who are married: what was it like?  What did you like or dislike?
To those looking towards your soon upcoming marriage or your far in the distance future:  No matter how traditional or completely nontraditional your wedding will be, what do you want your focus to be on that day?

Live. Love. Loud.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Things that change

When you are pregnant there are lots of things that happen/change.  You start wondering and wanting to ask questions you never knew existed previously.   A midst all the questions and changes, people start sharing advise, people start sending you interesting articles, pictures and the like now that you are going to be a "parent".

Here are a just a few pictures from a fun link sent by my sister.  I'm pretty sure these two kids are my kindred spirits.  Blunt honesty ... strangely familiar.  

Want to see more crazy silly pictures about kids?

What are your words of wisdom?

Live. Love. Loud.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Living with the Crazy

I'm pretty sure that life just likes to roll away with itself.  I get bogged down in it all at times.  If you are anything like me you have a constant to do list going... but sometimes I feel a bit overwhelmed.  Like there is too many things outside of my control.  Like there is too many things that need to be done in too short of a time.

The to do list makes it seem a little less crazy but all the same there are always so many things in flux that you can't control.  What do you do when things seem to be sliding out of control?  Do you obsess over the things you can control?  I do that sometimes... but it both drives Chris crazy and doesn't help in the long run.

Honestly there is no easy answer but what I do is try and take a deep breath and remember half of life is living with/through all the crazy!  That doesn't always work but when it does laughing sure does help.

Live. Love. Loud.

Friday, January 17, 2014

LOVES: Living with being Crazy

I swear sometimes that my life is really a sitcom.  Like I'm Truman, only funny not sad.  People always talk about the crazy things and side effects that go along with being preggers like the fact that at one moment Bacon (which I don't like generally) goes from smells amazing to making me sick.  So here's to all the other women out there dealing with their body and minds being taken over by a crazy person...

Which brings me in a very round about way to this weeks LOVES:

  • Veggies cause they are amazing no matter good or bad day!
  • Silly days spent being lazy and postponing the inevitable
  • Ridding your closet of the excess!  
  • Frozen yogurt: let's be serial... it is AMAZING
  • A straightened  and cleaned home... especially when you didn't have to do the straightening or cleaning!
  • Sausage wrapped in biscuit... SO wonderful
  • Long walks dreaming up a storm!

What do you LOVES this week?

Live. Love. Loud.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Confessions ... even when you don't feel like it?

Today is one of those days that I sit here with a blinking curser on an otherwise blank screen.  

I often get on here and ramble or state my opinion and I wonder to what benefit.  If I think I am making any sort of difference then I highly doubt there is a point... cause let's face it I don't say much on here that makes much difference in the "world".  However the point of this blog is simply for me to share me with anyone so... wonderful?  to read it :D lol.

So today is a day I wonder if I shouldn't post.  Today is a day when I forgot/forget that I'm here to push further towards my dream... my goals.   So despite my "feelings" I post today to hopefully encourage you to remember what your dreams are and how are you going to take a step forward towards them today!?

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Things people don't think about when getting married:

The list is long but one of the most over looked in my opinion is Premarital Counselling.  I think most couples don't even think about it or discuss it.  I think one of the best decisions Chris and I made when we got married was to cave and do premarital counselling.  When we were first approached about the idea we kind of thought it was silly... I mean we didn't have any issues, was the first and huge thing that popped up.  It was pushed by some family so we thought we'd try it I mean what was the worst that would happen?  But it was surprisingly good experience.  I guess it would completely depend on who was doing the counselling but the Pastor that did ours was completely awesome!

But with our very understanding pastor he was conversational and basically used himself to help us start discussions between the two of us (Chris and I). It wasn't life altering conversations but it does put you in a place of having conversations you might not have naturally but are helpful for understanding.  By the end of the time 6 meetings we had and the conversations we had with the pastor and handouts he was able to tell us what he thought would be most likely the top topics of fights between the two of us and he was right.  But because we knew that we had done some prep work.  It helped us stop problems before they were problems...

So I'm sure there are other great ways to get the same results but for us it worked... despite the lack of desire at the start :D

Live. Love. Loud.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Conceptualizing Foods

I think there are some things in life that are better to not know or at least not see.  I mean we can all conceptualize how a hot-dog becomes a hot-dog but I think we can all agree (whether you eat them or not) you'd rather not witness them being made.  I feel this same way about eggnog.  It is amazing and delicious but I made the mistake of seeing someone make it and I all but swore it off because of that.   Now to be fair it could have been the person and how they made it but the whole thing grossed me out a bit.

So it got me thinking that there are things in life I just enjoy better when they are made for me.  Salads!  I mean I get that I can make the salad for pennies on the dollar but when I buy a salad out it always tastes better than when I make it at home.  Logic reasons that I don't put as much fat or sugar in it at home but all the same: I ate a bowl of green leaf lettuce, two cucumber slices and a tomato wedge at the airport the other day and it was amazing.  Again I understand that a lot of this is psychological but at the same time isn't perception reality what we are preached?  So psychology or not: Salad therefore taste better when someone else makes them for you!  

Live. Love. Loud.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Found "The Dress"?

So a close friend of mine turned me onto this amazing site and I can't stop looking.  I mean we can all use a floor length while gown for doing chores and errands right?  I mean I'm pretty sure I need it!  Yes, NEED.

I didn't have this gem before I got married but for any and all of you out there on the look out for a unique, beautiful and well priced dress and/or accessories I have to shove and push you towards BHLND (don't ask me why that's the name... No clue)

How cute is that.  I LOVES me some sparkles...

I swoon... right after I finish the "Charleston"

What a neat contemporary look!

But if you don't like my choices go on and see the others!  So many different looks and styles.  And seriously the accessories!  

Live. Love. Loud.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Lacking Crafting LOVES

I have definitely decided other people are just WAY more crafty than I am.  I mean when I see a cupcake tin I see what will hopefully soon be a cupcake not some amazingly creative Christmas decor or a cute centerpiece or a baby mobile....  I think I am okay with this.  I mean I have skill... just they aren't anywhere near the here is a piece of cloth and a pin *drum roll* and now they are a couture gown.  Though I would totally wear that gown, maybe even with a crown made from cupcake tins... just saying.

Which brings me to the completely unrelated: LOVES!

  • Having a small list of foods that do not cause issues #baby
  • The crisp and cold week we have had: LOVES me some winter
  • Vegetables are amazing!  (no secret just so happy to eat them)
  • Friends who love you enough to not only deal with your crazy but have been Stockholm-ed enough to think you're not that crazy
  • Fireplaces: fake or not I think they are so pretty!
  • Having a weekend with only one thing booked in it!
  • Meeting new Couples for this coming year: excited to be a part of their adventure!
  • Did I mention OJ pops?  Cause they are still amazing... no joke!

What's making you LOVES this week?

Live. Love. Loud.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Confessions of Failings...

I made a promise to myself to be real, in my life personally and professionally.  It isn't always easy.  Personally it is pretty simple.  Disagreements rise and conflicts need to be addressed but the concept is easy enough to implement that it isn't a constant struggle.  The being real in business is harder.  You are told to have it all together!  I mean why would someone want to hire a professional photographer that ever fails at life????  But I remind myself that there are people just like me out in the world and we know that we fail... a lot... and we know all those around us do as well.

So there are some people who, if they took the time to read this measly blog, would run the other direction and that's okay.  As much as I'd love to know them if they don't like me for who I am I doubt they would want to spend their whole wedding day or lifelong friendship with me.  So I'm here to say I fail.

I fail at not getting mad when I drive in congested traffic! OH how I fail there.  I fail at being great at keeping in touch with old friends.  I fail at being  business owner because I worry and wonder at what the coming years will bring.  Will new couples like my work or want to spend their one and only wedding day with me at their side?

Even as I write this I ask myself: who admits these things on their professional blog?  I guess the answer is me.  I say these things to be real.  I do fail, too often to my liking.  I share my failings cause maybe just maybe you fail too sometimes and you might just want to let me encourage you that failure is the only way success is born.

I know it sounds counter intuitive but it is true.  There would be no success without failure.  Look at any great inventor.  Before their success made them known they had years and years of failings!  I mean gosh golly I hope I don't have 300 failings before I succeed but then again I don't think I'm going to create something as awesome as a light bulb so it might just be a trade off?

So here is to more failings... and the successes that will succeed them!

Live. Love. Loud.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Thankful for the Mundane

The first time someone told me "Happy Hump Day" I thought things had turn towards the risque.  I get the concept and why people say it but at times even now it takes me a second to process.  Why is it when we are young all days had promise after school and chores were over yet as adults we often wish away our days.  I sometimes wish I could fall back to the silly of my childhood and think that having to wait for 15 minutes might just kill me... then again I do feel like that at times when sitting in traffic, though let's be honest it is usually way more than just 15 minutes.

Today I celebrate the midweek not for what lays ahead but for what it is: another day to celebrate and enjoy the life I have been allowed.  Plus give you a random picture of Chris behind the scenes.  Because what's a post without some type of picture?

What are you going to celebrate today?

Live. Love. Loud.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Naturally You!

I think there are few people gifted with the skill and talent of being completely comfortable in front of the camera.  You know those people who can just continue to be in front of the camera... yea, I'm not one of those people.  Most my experience being in front of the camera is one of two situations:

First, family pictures.  You have to stand with a grin smacked across your face that was never natural but now has been forced there so long you can't even tell if it is a grin anymore.

Second, when the photographer puts you in some super awkward pose then tells you to stop straining and look natural. Or worse the photographer is silent with the wall of the camera between you the sound of the camera shutter your only company.

I'm telling you right now that no one, NO ONE sits on one leg leaning forward head tilted a bit to the side and gets their face to be tranquil... or at least I can't.

It is because of these experiences that when I started taking photos professionally I spent extensive time focusing on how to communicate and idea or feeling to my clients.  If you and I come together and you allow me to get to know you just a bit and you are willing to laugh at all the ridiculous that is me not only can I tell you that you'll enjoy your final product but that the process will be a joy too.

A perk and a down side, perk for you to laugh at but downside for me to shake my head at, I mostly look ridiculous a midst the process.

No one wants to be sitting opposite the silence only broken by the camera shutter or the occasional grunted word.  I want to help you be you as best I can.  I'm here to do the hard work and hours of research into what might work or what might feel natural.

If you went to an accountant to do your taxes and then he just sat there across the table from you and slid a Turbo tax software across the desk with a bill for his services you would think it is ridiculous.  I feel like that principle applies.  When you hire someone with expertise they should be responsible for aiding the person with less knowledge.

I love the chances I get to be in front of another photographer's lens, not because it is a joy but because it is an honor to learn from those around me!  I don't have it all figured out but I do know how it feels to be unsure on the other side of the lens.  And it is because of this that I do everything in my power to make not be a part of any experience in session of mine.

But then again I could be wrong.  Maybe I'm the only one unsure of how my limbs are supposed to move or what is "natural" as soon as the camera is pulled up?  Either way you can enjoy all my silly antics :D

Live. Love. Loud.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Blood, Meat and Other Ramblings

I recently found out my blood type.  I know I know how do you get to be an adult without knowing.  Well I will blame on a few things: first I was home schooled so no school tested it, second about the time ou get of age to donate I got a very severe case of blood poisoning and thus have never been able to give blood and when you are an adult Dr's assume you know your blood type and don't mention it being a good idea.  After years of wondering I finally got a chance to ask and get tested.

Photo provided by Dr Judy Roth

In all my excitement I looked up all things blood type because of course this new found knowledge should tell me something about myself... something deep that I wouldn't have thought to know previously ( I don't think this is too much to ask of my newly found out blood type: needs to earn keep and all that).  In all my searching I came across blood type diets.  I have determined that my stomach, mouth and blood need to get on the same track.  The meat centric advisement of my blood isn't going to lead to protests from both my mouth and stomach.  I determined the Dr must have gotten it wrong, if these diets are indeed correct, that I must be an A blood type.  I eat a 90% vegetarian diet and of that missing 10%: 9% is fish.

So now the question is how will my Dr take my refuting my own blood type by this?  LOL  That said, I'm sure that for some people (ie Chris) when they hear of the Meat centric diet they jump up and down with joy and think, "What a brilliant idea!  Why didn't I think of it?  My blood demands a 85% meat diet!"

That said, I have no scientific background nor any proof but if only for myself: I cannot imagine the blood diet works.  I literally don't like the taste of most meat... eating it would be like consuming... well whatever you think is gross.  So I live one with my delight in vegetables and fruit.

Live. Love. Loud.

Friday, January 3, 2014

LOVES the New Year

It's 2014... am I the only one who takes most all the year before they remember to write the correct year?  I swear I just got used to writing 2013... alas I'm slow on the uptake.

I'm excited and nervous about this coming year.  I hope that it is not only a big year for me personally but I hope and plan for it to be a big year for me professionally too!

I'm in LOVE with all you people and I hope that this year will be filled with way more LOVES then any year that has yet to pass!

Which brings me to my LOVES this week:

  • Delayed Christmas so that after the decorations in the stores are down and the music is off the radio I can still be fully in my rights to have my Christmas spirit still intact! 
  • Goals: makes me realize what all I have done and keep me focused on getting things done
  • That Chris will surprise me and clean the house!  How great is he!
  • Trying to LOVES when your plans get hijinked by a soon to be other person
  • Stuffing... Cause lets be serious it is AMAZING ... why do we only make this on major holidays?
  • Not having morning sickness anymore!
  • Hot n' Rags... need I explain why biscuits and Sausage with mustard is amazing?
  • OJ pops!  I mean seriously I'm pretty sure I'd eat a dozen if I had them laying around

What do you LOVES this week?

Live. Love. Loud.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Confessions: Pensive Planning

As this past year ended and as this new year begins I can't help but think over all that has passed and dream of what will be... and since I blog all my crazy thoughts you are left with them too :D

Every year passes with such fury that I loose track.  I feel old.  When I was young I remember when 15 minutes seemed like a lifetime... okay so that was a REALLY long time ago but I totally still remember!  I also remember when I birthday couldn't come fast enough... now each year I wonder if I will "get old"... you know what I mean?  I know that as each year passes I age but there is a difference between wrinkles and aches and "getting old"... I don't want to loose who I am because of age and every year I resist my birthday like when the day passes I'll change from being me.  I know it is silly but people always swear you will change when _______ happens.  When you reach a certain age or when something in your life happens or??? you get the idea.  I want to get better but I don't want to be a completely different person.

  It is like your friends that disappeared after they got married or had kids.  Or when your friends no longer go out with you because they are too old.  I'm not saying I will always love the same things but I hope beyond hope that I always love people as much as I do now.  I don't want to loose that.  So no matter what happens I want to love on people!

So long ramble... Now you get to help me keep accountable for my goals for this coming year: both personal and professional.  YAY you!  I know you are WAY excited about this.

2013 Goals:

I want to book at least 5 weddings this year
I want to practice at least 3 hours each week (overall I would say yes... but not actively each week... so a partial fail)
Finish website and transfer information over!
I want to get better at posing.
I want to get another lens get proficient with it
Giving up is not an option.
Get photoshop and master it (well that last bit is a matter of opinion... I mastered what I need to know how to do :D)

2014 Goals:

Keep Website up to date
Complete Promo video
Work on Marketing and what figure out what Non-organic options I should pursue
Book at least 5 Weddings (gosh golly if Babies don't get in the way! :D)
During slow times focus on specific skills
Second shoot more/learn from other photographers

Maintain healthy weight gain
Maintain 3-5 days a week cardio
Keep date times a focus no matter what
Go on a babymoon
Put a focus on healthy sleep

What are your goals for this budding year?!?

Live. Love. Loud.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Years and New Life

Sometimes we start a new... for me it doesn't often coincide with the year change but seemingly on a day to day or if I could only get my life to obey less!  This year will be no different.  This year is going to be riffled with changes.

How cute is this! Thanks to kulyk

I resist change... not cause I think change is bad... I really love it actually but I hate the thing that is left behind in the moments of change.  I don't know if that makes sense.  I love the new... I just want to keep the old too!  Is it so horrible that I want everything... all the time?  :D  I think it is the best... save for when it doesn't happen... which is all the time.

Chris and I found out a huge change is brewing as we speak recently... there will be a third added to our trio this coming year.  For a long time we thought that it couldn't happen... and we have been proven wrong.  I'm nervous for what this will mean for my business.  For the future I will not let it stop me but for the current it will slow me down...  and I'm nervous about that.

What changes are ahead for you this year?  How does that change your goals and dreams?  Whatever it is I hope that it brings you ever more joy and laughter!  Happy New Years!

Live. Love. Loud.