Monday, January 6, 2014

Blood, Meat and Other Ramblings

I recently found out my blood type.  I know I know how do you get to be an adult without knowing.  Well I will blame on a few things: first I was home schooled so no school tested it, second about the time ou get of age to donate I got a very severe case of blood poisoning and thus have never been able to give blood and when you are an adult Dr's assume you know your blood type and don't mention it being a good idea.  After years of wondering I finally got a chance to ask and get tested.

Photo provided by Dr Judy Roth

In all my excitement I looked up all things blood type because of course this new found knowledge should tell me something about myself... something deep that I wouldn't have thought to know previously ( I don't think this is too much to ask of my newly found out blood type: needs to earn keep and all that).  In all my searching I came across blood type diets.  I have determined that my stomach, mouth and blood need to get on the same track.  The meat centric advisement of my blood isn't going to lead to protests from both my mouth and stomach.  I determined the Dr must have gotten it wrong, if these diets are indeed correct, that I must be an A blood type.  I eat a 90% vegetarian diet and of that missing 10%: 9% is fish.

So now the question is how will my Dr take my refuting my own blood type by this?  LOL  That said, I'm sure that for some people (ie Chris) when they hear of the Meat centric diet they jump up and down with joy and think, "What a brilliant idea!  Why didn't I think of it?  My blood demands a 85% meat diet!"

That said, I have no scientific background nor any proof but if only for myself: I cannot imagine the blood diet works.  I literally don't like the taste of most meat... eating it would be like consuming... well whatever you think is gross.  So I live one with my delight in vegetables and fruit.

Live. Love. Loud.

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