Thursday, January 9, 2014

Confessions of Failings...

I made a promise to myself to be real, in my life personally and professionally.  It isn't always easy.  Personally it is pretty simple.  Disagreements rise and conflicts need to be addressed but the concept is easy enough to implement that it isn't a constant struggle.  The being real in business is harder.  You are told to have it all together!  I mean why would someone want to hire a professional photographer that ever fails at life????  But I remind myself that there are people just like me out in the world and we know that we fail... a lot... and we know all those around us do as well.

So there are some people who, if they took the time to read this measly blog, would run the other direction and that's okay.  As much as I'd love to know them if they don't like me for who I am I doubt they would want to spend their whole wedding day or lifelong friendship with me.  So I'm here to say I fail.

I fail at not getting mad when I drive in congested traffic! OH how I fail there.  I fail at being great at keeping in touch with old friends.  I fail at being  business owner because I worry and wonder at what the coming years will bring.  Will new couples like my work or want to spend their one and only wedding day with me at their side?

Even as I write this I ask myself: who admits these things on their professional blog?  I guess the answer is me.  I say these things to be real.  I do fail, too often to my liking.  I share my failings cause maybe just maybe you fail too sometimes and you might just want to let me encourage you that failure is the only way success is born.

I know it sounds counter intuitive but it is true.  There would be no success without failure.  Look at any great inventor.  Before their success made them known they had years and years of failings!  I mean gosh golly I hope I don't have 300 failings before I succeed but then again I don't think I'm going to create something as awesome as a light bulb so it might just be a trade off?

So here is to more failings... and the successes that will succeed them!

Live. Love. Loud.

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