Thursday, January 2, 2014

Confessions: Pensive Planning

As this past year ended and as this new year begins I can't help but think over all that has passed and dream of what will be... and since I blog all my crazy thoughts you are left with them too :D

Every year passes with such fury that I loose track.  I feel old.  When I was young I remember when 15 minutes seemed like a lifetime... okay so that was a REALLY long time ago but I totally still remember!  I also remember when I birthday couldn't come fast enough... now each year I wonder if I will "get old"... you know what I mean?  I know that as each year passes I age but there is a difference between wrinkles and aches and "getting old"... I don't want to loose who I am because of age and every year I resist my birthday like when the day passes I'll change from being me.  I know it is silly but people always swear you will change when _______ happens.  When you reach a certain age or when something in your life happens or??? you get the idea.  I want to get better but I don't want to be a completely different person.

  It is like your friends that disappeared after they got married or had kids.  Or when your friends no longer go out with you because they are too old.  I'm not saying I will always love the same things but I hope beyond hope that I always love people as much as I do now.  I don't want to loose that.  So no matter what happens I want to love on people!

So long ramble... Now you get to help me keep accountable for my goals for this coming year: both personal and professional.  YAY you!  I know you are WAY excited about this.

2013 Goals:

I want to book at least 5 weddings this year
I want to practice at least 3 hours each week (overall I would say yes... but not actively each week... so a partial fail)
Finish website and transfer information over!
I want to get better at posing.
I want to get another lens get proficient with it
Giving up is not an option.
Get photoshop and master it (well that last bit is a matter of opinion... I mastered what I need to know how to do :D)

2014 Goals:

Keep Website up to date
Complete Promo video
Work on Marketing and what figure out what Non-organic options I should pursue
Book at least 5 Weddings (gosh golly if Babies don't get in the way! :D)
During slow times focus on specific skills
Second shoot more/learn from other photographers

Maintain healthy weight gain
Maintain 3-5 days a week cardio
Keep date times a focus no matter what
Go on a babymoon
Put a focus on healthy sleep

What are your goals for this budding year?!?

Live. Love. Loud.

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