Friday, January 10, 2014

Lacking Crafting LOVES

I have definitely decided other people are just WAY more crafty than I am.  I mean when I see a cupcake tin I see what will hopefully soon be a cupcake not some amazingly creative Christmas decor or a cute centerpiece or a baby mobile....  I think I am okay with this.  I mean I have skill... just they aren't anywhere near the here is a piece of cloth and a pin *drum roll* and now they are a couture gown.  Though I would totally wear that gown, maybe even with a crown made from cupcake tins... just saying.

Which brings me to the completely unrelated: LOVES!

  • Having a small list of foods that do not cause issues #baby
  • The crisp and cold week we have had: LOVES me some winter
  • Vegetables are amazing!  (no secret just so happy to eat them)
  • Friends who love you enough to not only deal with your crazy but have been Stockholm-ed enough to think you're not that crazy
  • Fireplaces: fake or not I think they are so pretty!
  • Having a weekend with only one thing booked in it!
  • Meeting new Couples for this coming year: excited to be a part of their adventure!
  • Did I mention OJ pops?  Cause they are still amazing... no joke!

What's making you LOVES this week?

Live. Love. Loud.

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