Friday, January 31, 2014

LOVES-in on some Gingers

Harry Potter | Weasley Pillows | Rachel Abi Photography So I know everyone thinks they are married to the worlds best husband but I'm married to my worlds best husband (meaning I don't know if you and he would work but he totally gets me and is AMAZINGLY sweeter than I am).  So because of "announcements" to family and the holidays we didn't get to do our Christmas exchange till mid January.  Chris gave me the worlds best gift... and he MADE IT!

I'm more than a little in love with the world of Harry Potter, when Chris and I went down to see Universal's version I told Chris we should just move down and live in the unused upstairs of one of the shops type of crazy about it.  Of all the characters some of my favorites are Fred and George Weasley... and Chris made me them!  As pillows and as we all know pillows are every expanding woman's best friend and now they are not just any pillows but amazingly cute pillows!

Which brings me to my LOVES...

Lemonade... just always needs more lemons!
Snow... if only we had more!
Unexpected days with Chris... and So much reading :D
Finally getting our Bradley Class nailed down!
Free baby stuff: you may not have gotten this by now but I LOVES me some free things
Time with friends even if it is short
Sour Skittles!!  And I'm telling your right now if you know where they sell them in the RDU area and you're not telling me we cannot be friends
My amazing husband and the worlds best gift he made me!!!!!

I hope this week has been filled with many amazing things for you and that this weekend is filled with blissful moments!

Live. Love. Loud.

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