Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Naturally You!

I think there are few people gifted with the skill and talent of being completely comfortable in front of the camera.  You know those people who can just continue to be in front of the camera... yea, I'm not one of those people.  Most my experience being in front of the camera is one of two situations:

First, family pictures.  You have to stand with a grin smacked across your face that was never natural but now has been forced there so long you can't even tell if it is a grin anymore.

Second, when the photographer puts you in some super awkward pose then tells you to stop straining and look natural. Or worse the photographer is silent with the wall of the camera between you the sound of the camera shutter your only company.

I'm telling you right now that no one, NO ONE sits on one leg leaning forward head tilted a bit to the side and gets their face to be tranquil... or at least I can't.

It is because of these experiences that when I started taking photos professionally I spent extensive time focusing on how to communicate and idea or feeling to my clients.  If you and I come together and you allow me to get to know you just a bit and you are willing to laugh at all the ridiculous that is me not only can I tell you that you'll enjoy your final product but that the process will be a joy too.

A perk and a down side, perk for you to laugh at but downside for me to shake my head at, I mostly look ridiculous a midst the process.

No one wants to be sitting opposite the silence only broken by the camera shutter or the occasional grunted word.  I want to help you be you as best I can.  I'm here to do the hard work and hours of research into what might work or what might feel natural.

If you went to an accountant to do your taxes and then he just sat there across the table from you and slid a Turbo tax software across the desk with a bill for his services you would think it is ridiculous.  I feel like that principle applies.  When you hire someone with expertise they should be responsible for aiding the person with less knowledge.

I love the chances I get to be in front of another photographer's lens, not because it is a joy but because it is an honor to learn from those around me!  I don't have it all figured out but I do know how it feels to be unsure on the other side of the lens.  And it is because of this that I do everything in my power to make not be a part of any experience in session of mine.

But then again I could be wrong.  Maybe I'm the only one unsure of how my limbs are supposed to move or what is "natural" as soon as the camera is pulled up?  Either way you can enjoy all my silly antics :D

Live. Love. Loud.

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